13,000 sheep die on long distance boat journey without food or water, from Romania to Jordan

During a long distance journey from Romania to Jordan around 13,000 sheep died without food and water. The ship on which the animals are, was not allowed to invest in Jordan, since there were already dead sheep on board at this time. Now the ship controls to a port in Somalia African.
The animal rights organization “Four Paws” has uncovered the agonizing deaths of thousands of sheep over a long distance journey. After a journey by truck 13,000 sheep were loaded at the port Midia in Romania on a ship to the country of destination Jordan. According to Jordanian media around 5,200 sheep died on the ship after eight days without food and water. The head of Romanian Farmers’ Association have informed, according to the animal welfare organization that the number of dead animals even amounts to 11,000, so the club in a press release.
Sheep without earmarks
The “Four Paws” have also found that some of the sheep were sick or dead and no earmarks wore while they were still in the truck at the port gate.
According to research by the animal rights activists dead sheep Holder Trade should include. This company based in Romania will export 12,000 sheep and 4,000 cattle a year to Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East and recorded an annual turnover of six million euros. By law, every farm animal would shortly receive an ear chip after birth, so its origin can be detected.
“We have found that this company collect animals from around the country for export, so that they arrive already exhausted at the harbor,” says “Four Paws” Gabriel Paun -Campaigner in the press release.
Authorities require the disposal of dead animals
This incident occurred a few weeks occurred after the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture had lifted an eight-month ban on imports of livestock from Romania after it had been reported there in 2014 about an outbreak of bluetongue. Now called for the Jordanian authorities that the ship dead animals disposed of before approving the healthy entry to Jordan.
“A disgusting, but common practice among carriers is the animals simply to topple into the sea. They can spread disease and damage to the marine ecosystem. It has often dead livestock were washed away by the waves on the beach. In April, we received the information of a dead cow lay on the beach of Tel Aviv after 32 cows had died during transport from Romania to Israel, “said Gabriel Paun continued.
Courtesy of topagrar.at

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