Hundreds of fish dying every day in the Pahang River, Malaysia

Ratusan benih ikan sangkar mati
Nor Hazirol show hundreds of dead fish cages every day as a result of water too turbid River Pahang
TEMERLOH-cage fish farming Industry continues to be affected by the State of Pahang river water too turbid to cause hundreds of fish seed is put in the cage die every day.
Breeders Nor Hazirol Abd Aziz says he’s new venture into fish farming cage was so impressed with the State of Pahang river water too turbid to cause hundreds of birds dead fish seeds per day.
According to him, the turbidity of the River became a contributor to the death when nearly all dead fish has thick mud to stick on the insang.
“If the State of Pahang river water is constant here, not only was I involved with new fish breeding cages will be affected, sooner or later all farmers will lose.
“And if there is no control and enforcement against intrusion activities, forest, mining and related of course fish breeding industry in this cage will be extinct,” he said at the time found in his possession fish cages in Bangau Drains today.
Nor Hazirol said the Government should enforce laws against the mining industry with more strict for being the cause of water pollution of the river.
Nor the new one year Hazirol involved in the industry of fish cage said, the river water is too cloudy water problem is not a new story because she heard about rintihan fish before.
“Now I’ve been engage in this cage fish industry and experience it yourself, not a little capital we invest to get involved with fish farming cages.
“The Government should have sustainable development seimbangkan so that existing development does not affect the ecosystem and fish cages.
“Mining, timber, etc. it’s all will give the results of course it should be done but how about our revenue? Do we not need to find their own results, “he asks.
Nor Hazirol say, the base of the tree to the present problem was weak enforcement against miners and forest exploration activities as well as inhale the sand River.
“If everything is responsible for the nature of course problems like this does not happen, we are busy chasing to achieve developed country but thought far behind,” he said.
Nor Hazirol hope the State Fisheries Department could suggest to the State Government so that tougher enforcement against River pollutants so as to not affect the fish cage industry.
“The Fisheries Department also needs to see firsthand the problems that occur now and give assistance to those who are really hard,” he said.
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