Thousands of dead fish line the banks of a dam in Jaguaribara, Brazil

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A scene disturbing, sad and shocking at the same time. The pictures are on the internet and show the large amount of dead fish thrown into land near the Castanhão dam, in the city of Jaguaribara, in the region of Vale do Jaguaribe.
With the drop in the water level of the reservoir, lack of oxygen and the fish start dying. The phenomenon is repeated in the Castanhão dam and represents losses to creators. According to them, the estimated damage could reach $ 300 thousand dollars.
The creators say the fall of the water level of the dam is not because of the small rainy season Court that struck the State of Ceará, for them, the fact occurred due to an increased release of water from the reservoir by water management (Cogerh). The company denies that.
Since last year, with the worsening water crisis, some producers begin to transfer cages for other shells. The shortage of rains generated problems for the supply of the population in Ceará, lack of water and, in many cities, part of the production of bean and became lost. The Castanhão dam is the largest water reservoir of Ceará, is able to accumulate 6.8 billion meters of water, but currently has less than 25% of this capacity. The Castanhão has as one of the major veins of the power Dam Orós, with 1.8 billion cubic meters. The Orós was the reservoir more accumulated water in the current rainy season Court, but also got the least amount of water than their ability.
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