Thousands of fish dead due to flooding in Grayson County, Texas, USA

By: Daniella Rivera
Recent flooding in Grayson County trapped thousands of fish, which then died, collecting near the State Highway 91 bridge at Shawnee Creek. The odd sight has gone viral on Facebook.
“Haha, who expected it? I think it’s kind of crazy,” said Kit Staton after one of his Facebook posts went viral, with more than 800 shares.
Staton is a car salesman, and in his spare time, he’s an avid fisherman. He usually posts pictures of his catches on Facebook, but it’s his photos of dead fish that are going viral.
“I guess it falls in with all the flooding and everything and it’s kind of drawing a lot of attention right now because it’s an unusual event that’s going on here in Texoma,” he said.
“In the last few weeks, Lake Texoma hit a new record elevation, and water flowed over the Spillway for only the fourth time in history. That water washed out the bridge on State Highway 91 at Shawnee Creek, but when it receded, thousands of fish were trapped in a pool of water.
“So they swam around and did alright for a while, but pretty soon, so many fish take all the dissolved oxygen out of the water and they finally just suffocate,” said Texas Parks and Wildlife district fishery biologist Bruce Hysmith.
More rain from Tropical Depression Bill is now moving those dead fish down stream.
“And along with that washed away some of that smell!” said Staton.
One photo in particular, has social media users talking.
“It’s an endangered species,” said Hysmith. “It’s a spoonbill catfish. They’re endangered, and they’re kind of semi-rare.”
While the unusual sight has gained a lot of attention, Hysmith reminds us it’s part of life, “Well yeah, you don’t want to see it but hey, that’s nature.”
The rising creek will fall again, and like it has many times at Lake Texoma, history will repeat itself. When the most recent flood waters recede, Texomans can expect to see more trapped fish.
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