Gale force storm and more snowfall to strike Western and Northern Cape, South Africa

Storm Alert

Winter is about to make its presence felt in the Western Cape and Southern parts of the Northern Cape as gale force winds, rain and snowfall as two cold fronts are expected to hit in succession over the next few days.
“A cold front system is approaching the country and will make landfall by Wednesday morning with a second one following by Thursday,” said South African Weather Service forecaster Elizabeth Webster
“Gale force winds are expected to hit the Western Cape between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas,” said Webster.
“This will result in fairly choppy sea conditions with expected wind speeds of 35 knots or about 70km/h. Rainfall can be expected in the extreme southern parts of the country.”
The SA Weather service also warned that Snowfall is expected in the high-lying areas of the Western Cape and the Southern parts of the Northern Cape.
“By Thursday conditions in the central interior will also become very cold, with minimum temperature expected to reach below 10 degrees Celsius.” also confirmed reports of expected snowfall in the Cederberg, Worcester and Ceres areas with the possibly of a small amount drifting towards the southern parts of the Northern Cape and extending towards the Swartberg Mountains.
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