Large amount of dead fish wash up on a beach in Taichung, Taiwan

松柏港沙灘死魚經烈日曝曬,飄散臭味。 (記者張軒哲攝)
Evergreen Harbor Beach dead by sun exposure, odors drift. (Reporter Zhang Xuan Zhe photo)
Large number of fish died suddenly yesterday, the dead fish with a hydroplaning to Evergreen Harbor Beach, a bright tail end of a dead fish turned belly lying on the beach on the ground, the sun exposure, drift an odor, causing panic fishermen; EPA yesterday afternoon sent the fish to trace the cause of death and did not find water with heavy metals.
Evergreen Hong Kong Liang Guoming fishermen found dead yesterday morning around Port Beidi beach pine floor, mostly small fish about the size of a thumb, and quickly inform legislators Cai Qichang Service. Secretarial Service Zhou Yu Qi said that the two days Dajia waters south wind blowing, analyzing four good river flows to the sea dead after being rushed to the beach, resulting in dead fish all over, if not promptly clean up the environment will affect beach and hope the EPA can find out as soon as the fish die-off reasons.
Located in Miaoli County, Taichung City, with four good river junction, in recent years, sometimes spread pollution violations, four good people suspected contaminated creek will again. EPA inspectors battalion Wang Zongbang said almost all of the fish die-off of fish, we can not determine whether the four good creek dead fish. After collecting water detection, pH, dissolved oxygen, heavy metal concentrations are normal, but the high temperature; the scene did not find water, fish have been brought back for testing to clarify the cause of death.
Courtesy of news.ltn

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