Tens of thousands of fish dead in a reservoir due to storms in Sichuan, China

Successive attacks by heavy rains in recent days in parts of Northeast in Sichuan province, one-hit Guangyuan and Pakistan and direct economic losses of billions of Yuan (RMB/photos below). Affected by heavy rains, the local part of the town was under water, flood waters mixed with the town’s waste into nearby point reservoir, resulting in tens of thousands of fish all died within the reservoir, reservoir fish farmers to contract losses of more than 100,000 yuan.
Villagers said Xiang Jiachao, “woke up this morning and saw dead fish floating around on the surface, my soul! “After the police, the local aquaculture experts after the floods of water quality pollution of the reservoir, causing massive fish death. Xiang Jiachao said dead fish caused by the floods at least more than 10,000 kilograms and a direct economic loss of more than 100,000 yuan. To prevent pollution to the water quality of the reservoir, he invited several friends to help salvage the dead fish in the reservoir, to the dump landfill.
Xiang Jiachao noted that he contracted reservoir for nearly 20 years, has never had such a serious fish kill incidents occurred, although this is not artificial, but maybe Dragon source towns could influence the long-term environmental pollution. Because he didn’t buy a fish-related insurance, white bear the loss.
Courtesy of on.cc

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