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Thousands of dead fish and dozens of dead birds found in a lake, ‘a mystery’ in London, England

Thousands of dead fish and birds have been found floating in an east London lake – less than a year after a similar event at the same park sparked an environmental health probe.
Cllr Jody Ganly made the grim find on Sunday while out in Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch, with her 10-year-old daughter.
“It’s deja vu – it’s happening all over again,” she told the Standard.
“There were hundreds. The only fish still alive were tiny little sticklebacks and even they were gasping at the top of the lake.
“There were some dead birds as well. It’s just so sad.
“The council are spending a lot of money putting in new paths but they need to address this problem first.”
A source at the park said the total number of dead fish pulled out of the lake since the weekend is now approaching 3,000, while 15 dead birds have also been found.
The probe in September, which came after thousands of deceased fish were discovered floating on the lake’s surface, concluded a storm had caused a large amount of deoxygenated water to enter the pond.
Oxygen is usually pumped into the water by a fountain, but local campaigner Lorraine Moss claimed it had not been working recently.
In 2013, hundreds of birds died following an outbreak of avian botulism thought to have been caused by families throwing mouldy bread into the water.
“This is the third consecutive year there’s been a disaster affecting the wildlife,” said Ms Moss. “They should have made sure the fountain was working.
“It happened last year and it’s just so sad. It’s a disgrace.”
She added a problem with waste water disposal meant sewage regularly floods the park when it rains heavily.
Cllr Melvin Wallace, Havering Council’s culture chief, said: “I’m really sorry people have seen dead fish in the lake. This is an unfortunate incident that has been caused by the very hot weather and flash flooding last week.
“They have been removed and we continue to monitor oxygen levels, which are now back to normal.”
A spokeswoman added the broken fountain would be replaced this week.
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500,000 fish to be killed due to disease in Vikna, Norway

Fish Kill Alert

Norwegian food safety authority will impose the slaughter of fish and have started sampling at locations near, telling the Special Inspector Steinar Johnsen in the Norwegian food safety authority region in the middle of Trønder-Avisa.
-It is in excess of 500,000 fish on the locality and they are spread over four different cages. The locality is båndlagt as a result of the suspicion about the PD, he said.
The fish approaching slaughter size four kilograms of ready with on average. The regulations dictate that the locality must start the slaughter, but the manufacturer has even taken the initiative to this from before.
-They have applied for to start the slaughter on Thursday and throughout the weekend. They hope to be finished on Monday. We are very positive to their initiative, “said Johnsen.
Today, the Norwegian food safety authority along with the mid-Norwegian aquaculture on the locality to investigate several sites. Of the four mærene that are examined, they try the answers from the two of them on Friday.
The closest locality is according to the Norwegian food safety authority 2-3 km away.
-It is found on the fish, the PD one so now we do further investigation along with the Norwegian food safety authority. We are båndlagt, but have even chosen to slaughter the two cages pretty fast. We do with our own slaughterhouse, telling, Dolmen second-in-command Kathryn in the mid-Norwegian aquaculture.
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Massive die off of shrimp in 50 square kilometers in Soc Trang, Vietnam

This accounts for 29 per cent of the total shrimp breeding area in the province.
This shrimp season, the province continues to be the hot spot of diseases. There is a risk of a disease outbreak, which can spread to many areas in the province, an official said.
The effects of prolonged hot weather and changes in the environment during the pre-monsoon season have led to local shrimp farms in the province suffering heavy losses.
Pham Van Giet, a farmer in My Xuyen District’s Hoa Tu commune, said his family bred prawn shrimp for two months and they grew well, but bad weather destroyed an entire shrimp farm of 6,000sq.m. killing 20,000 shrimps with it.
According to a report from a veterinary station, 70 per cent of shrimp in farms were affected by liver disease and 20 per cent by environmental changes, while the remaining ones died of other causes.
My Xuyen district and Vinh Chau town have suffered the heaviest damage.
Tran Quoc Quang, head of the Agriculture and Rural Development of My Xuyen District, said the local community has so far lost more than 2,500ha of shrimp farm due to bad weather and diseases, accounting for 20 per cent of the total shrimp farm area there.
The provincial veterinary department has reported that diseases can spread to larger areas.
Diseases are expected to rise during the first half of the rainy season and will be difficult to control due to changes in weather, an official of the department noted.
The department has also recommended farmers to suspend breeding baby shrimps in infected areas.
The province will also continue to implement disease prevention measures, especially in localities that have been seriously affected.
The province has bred shrimp in nearly 20,000ha of farms, accounting for 40 per cent of the plan for their cultivation.
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3 dead sea mammals found washed up on beach in San Francisco, USA

There was a disturbing sight at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Monday three large marine mammals washed up dead on the beach.
Joey Deruy took his usual walk along Ocean Beach near the Golden Gate Park windmills. At 3 p.m. he came upon a dead sea lion pup but kept walking. A few minutes later, he tripped upon the carcass of what appeared to be a huge elephant seal.
“So many dead animals, it felt really tragic,” Deruy said.
Then a bit further down the beach he found a dead dolphin.
“Just so many, a variety of exotic animals dead like that I think is just very peculiar. Where the dolphin was, there was actually more dolphins… still swimming by the one that had died and beached,” he said.
He snapped photos of National Park Service crews.
“They put the dolphin onto the beach patrol [truck] and then they drove it off. It took them about an hour and a half,” he said.
By sunset people stopped to gawk at the elephant seal sprawled on the beach. The dead mammals raise many disturbing questions. Just this weekend, the National Weather Service meteorologists reported that Pacific Ocean temperatures off the beach are five degrees higher than average and could top off at a record-breaking 70 degrees by the end of this month.
The fear is there could be more to come.
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Large amount of dead fish wash ashore on a beach in Chonburi Province, Thailand

Fish Kill Alert

Large amount of dead fish wash ashore on a beach in Chonburi Province, Thailand

Hundreds of dead fish found in the Ganges river in India

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish were found floating in the Ganga river at Shukhra area here on Sunday, promoting district authorities to launch a probe.
The fishes were suspected to have died due to discharge from industries, government officials said here.
Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Umesh Mishra told reporters that the sample of the Ganga river water was collected and will be sent for test.
Meanwhile, some social and religious activists staged ‘dharna’ and demanded action. They also gave a memorandum to the SDM.
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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Nanhai District, China

Huangpu district villagers found that artificial lakes in the village were awash with dead fish, big and small. Is responsible for the Lake clean sanitation workers yanxiansheng rush around, never met this situation, he told reporters: “in the past a small dead fish, and hundreds of pounds. Yesterday afternoon, we found a few, but rarely, are everywhere this morning. 
Preliminary estimates at least tens of thousands of pounds.
Reporters on the scene, a large number of white bellies of dead fish scattered around the Lake, as time goes on and the temperatures rise, coming off a terrible odor, after villagers and some also wearing masks.
Fashion has many villagers around the Lake and watched, according to the villagers, artificial lakes and connecting the Pearl River, ordinary villagers surrounding fish, there has never been such a large area of fish kill events.
Yesterday at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, several sanitary workers have exhausted nearly 30 baskets mounted on site salvage of dead fish, average basket can carry 100 pounds, is salvaging nearly 3,000 pounds of dead fish. But there is still a large number of dead fish waiting for salvage.
Sanitation cleaning truck temporary bamboo basket emptied in order to continue processing, sanitation company deployed nearly 10 sanitation workers came for reinforcement.
Lake Shore is the heart Temple is the square in front of the South China Sea. Mr Zhang said, close to water pollution, can smell the stink in the vicinity in the morning every day, he talked to environmental protection departments. In this regard, the Huangpu District Environmental Protection Bureau to the Lake samples tested, measured Lake pH values of normal, rest the pointer as soon as the test results announced today.
Huangpu district, according to the environmental protection agency officials explained that cause of fish kill events are usually more complex, is not necessarily directly connected with water, had also found no problems with water quality. Therefore unable to judge, pending further investigation.
Professor Liu Wensheng believes that aquaculture production in agricultural University of South China, in temperature after the rain, is likely to lead to hypoxic death of fish. Past several thunderstorms in the summer to fish ponds water anoxia, large-area death of fish.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in West Virginia, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A no swimming warning continues on the North Fork Catawba River in McDowell County as investigators try to figure out what killed hundreds of fish and other aquatic wildlife.
The fish kill was discovered Wednesday night on the river near Marion.
Health officials say scientists have taken samples from the river and hope to have results back by Monday.
The advisory affects about 7 miles of the river, which flows into Lake James and eventually becomes the Catawba River that flows west of Charlotte.
Experts say they don’t think ground water in the area was polluted by whatever might have killed the fish and other creatures in the river.
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Massive die off of fish in a river in Quanzhou, China

“hundreds of dead fish appear on the surface, what’s going on here? “Yesterday, the people call our 24-hour hotline 96339 said Mr Liu, Hui on the Ta-an River promenade park Brook, there were hundreds of dead fish, the water stinks.
Yesterday, more than 10 points, benefits under a bridge in the Ta-an River promenade, a large dead fish floating in the River on the surface, dense. A rough estimate, there are at least hundreds of articles, big fish little fish, mostly carp. From dead fish occurred not far from the river surface, several young men were fishing. Reporters asked them whether or not to allow fishing? Out of a fish can you eat? A man says, these days a lot of people to catch fish, he just caught a play, and there is nothing to eat.
Mr LAU according to nearby residents, at 7 in the morning, XI bin Park, he went for a walk and found water stinks, and large numbers of dead fish floating in the water. He speculated that these fish may be floated down from the upper reaches.
Subsequently, the reporter contacted utilities and construction in Huian County Authority official Mr. Huang. He said XI bin Park, morning had not yet received reports of dead fish, if there is such a situation, they will first put a dead fish cleanup, and then investigate the source and cause of dead fish. “Recent upstream water, these fish may be washed down with water. “Mr Wong said, bin Park, Brook has never been put on the FRY.
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8,000 sardines found dead in a reservoir in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

Fish Kill Alert

8,000 sardines found dead in a reservoir in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

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