Massive die off of fish in a river in Quanzhou, China

“hundreds of dead fish appear on the surface, what’s going on here? “Yesterday, the people call our 24-hour hotline 96339 said Mr Liu, Hui on the Ta-an River promenade park Brook, there were hundreds of dead fish, the water stinks.
Yesterday, more than 10 points, benefits under a bridge in the Ta-an River promenade, a large dead fish floating in the River on the surface, dense. A rough estimate, there are at least hundreds of articles, big fish little fish, mostly carp. From dead fish occurred not far from the river surface, several young men were fishing. Reporters asked them whether or not to allow fishing? Out of a fish can you eat? A man says, these days a lot of people to catch fish, he just caught a play, and there is nothing to eat.
Mr LAU according to nearby residents, at 7 in the morning, XI bin Park, he went for a walk and found water stinks, and large numbers of dead fish floating in the water. He speculated that these fish may be floated down from the upper reaches.
Subsequently, the reporter contacted utilities and construction in Huian County Authority official Mr. Huang. He said XI bin Park, morning had not yet received reports of dead fish, if there is such a situation, they will first put a dead fish cleanup, and then investigate the source and cause of dead fish. “Recent upstream water, these fish may be washed down with water. “Mr Wong said, bin Park, Brook has never been put on the FRY.
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