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Massive die off of fish in a lake in Anhui, China

 Fish Kill Alert
On July 7, Wuhe, Anhui Province, meituohu Lake, patio 92,000 acres of water was suddenly serious pollution in the lake basin, the water is black-brown, large accumulation of dead fish floating in the Lake. Because of the hot weather, the dead fish is rotten and sewage mixed with fishy smell. It is reported that the “ecological robbery” caused the death of fish, crab and other seafood more than 20 million pounds, involve fishermen 907, direct economic losses of 190 million.
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1,500 dead fish found in a river in Suffolk, England, UK

Dead fish in the River Lark at Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds.
Dead fish in the River Lark at Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds
Members of the public spotted the floating corpses in the river next to the Abbey Gardens, where it flows alongside Eastgate Street.
The Environment Agency estimates 1,500 fish of various sizes and species have perished – including perch, pike, roach, chub and dace – due to the combined effects of hot temperatures, low flow and low oxygen levels, coupled with the weekend’s torrential rain, which stirred up sediment at the bottom of the river.
The River Gipping at Needham Market has also been affected, where the agency reports 1,000 small to medium fish have died, while about 100 fish have died on the River Blackwater in Bocking, north Essex.
Speaking of the River Lark, an Environment Agency spokeswoman said: “This is the largest fish kill in recent years on the Lark at this location, although we have attended similar, smaller scale events previously. The last incident was in 2013, however this did not include any fish mortalities.”
Penny Stevens, from Stowmarket, came across the dead fish in Bury on Monday and reported it to the agency.
“It’s awful,” she said. “The kids were all coming out of school and saw it.”
The agency spokeswoman said over the weekend its team dosed the river with hydrogen peroxide to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water after levels “dropped quite severely”.
She said they went out again on Monday and the oxygen levels in the river had stabilised, but they would be keeping a close eye on the situation.
The landowner, St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said they had been advised by the agency to leave the dead fish in the river “because the process of pulling them out disturbs the substrate and makes matters worse”.
However, after inspecting the area yesterday morning the council will be discussing this with them further.
An Environment Agency spokesman said dead and distressed fish on the River Gipping, in Needham Market, were reported to them on Sunday afternoon.
“We identified the likely cause to be low levels of oxygen in the water, a natural occurrence usually brought on by hot weather. Shortly after we put two aerators into the river to re-oxygenate the water. The aerators will remain in place until oxygen levels return to safe levels for the fish,” he said.
The deceased fish in the River Blackwater were spotted as they drifted downstream to Braintree. About 50-60 fish also died on the River Chelmer, in Chelmsford. Both of these rivers recovered naturally, the agency said.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Colorado, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A video showing hundreds of dead fish at a Lakewood pond was posted to Facebook.
Erin Michalak Sandell‎ shared the video with 9NEWS Wednesday. The pond is located near West Jewell Avenue and South Kipling Street.
The manager of urban parks in Lakewood, Steve Carpenter, said the die off is likely due to the recent change in temperature.
The rain that fell Sunday and Monday cooled the water. Colder water is deficient in oxygen. The fish were not able to get enough oxygen from the cooler water.
Carpenter believes the die off is over and now it’s just a matter of removing the dead fish.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Jura, France

/ Photo Philippe Trias
Photo Philippe Trias
Significant pollution of la Vallière in his crossing of Montmorot, was found by local residents, this Wednesday morning. It dates back to Tuesday night.
Dozens, perhaps hundreds of dead fish litter stream water over several hundreds of metres. According to initial observations, this macabre Garland would start just after Juraparc.
At a time where we were writing these lines, were unknown yet what could cause significant mortality. Samples of water have already been made.
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40,000 fish have died in a dam in Junqueiro, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

A situation that occurred this week concerned fish farmers in the state! This is because about 40 000 fish that were bred in captivity in a dam in rural Junqueiro, appeared dead.
Surrounding the dam belonging to a sugar mill, home to about 10 families, which four years were included in a government project to generate income. They received the fry, tanks and networks and remained through the sale of fish that are raised in cages.
In addition to the dead fish, vultures fly over the region attracted by the stench of debris that accumulate in the dam surface. Given the situation and trying to save some fry, producers are accumulating dead fish on top of a wall.
According to John Joseph, fish farmer and community leader, it is common that some fish die, but not in this proportion. The situation has accumulated losses valued at more than £ 100,000.
Technical Secretary of State for Fisheries and Agriculture of Alagoas (SEPAQ) went to the place and collected water samples and some dead fish for analysis where it was revealed that the oxygen level of the water in the dam is far below normal.
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150,000+ dead fish washing up along Neuse River in Craven County, N.Carolina, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Dead Menhaden and blue crabs are washing up on shore at Flanners Beach along the Neuse River in Craven County.
Lower Neuse Riverkeeper Travis Graves says it’s too early to tell how large of a fish kill this is.
He says there was a small fish kill reported a couple of weeks ago, and this could be a continuation.
He says a rough estimate would be about 150,000 to 200,000 dead fish.
Graves says there was an algae bloom awhile ago and the oxygen levels have been low in the water.
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Mega heatwave reaches an amazing 63.7C / 146.66F in Beijing

Heatwave Alert

Over the past three days in Beijing the mercury has climbed to a fiery 40 degrees Celsius, causing the Beijing Meteorological Bureau to issue a health warning and enabling city residents to barbecue shrimps in the street.
According to reports, one man has already died of heatstroke earlier today at Beijing South Railway Station. The man was waiting in line outside the tickets stand when he suddenly fainted. By the time paramedics arrived, the man was already dead.
11.07.15 Beijing Heatwave_1
At Tiananmen Square, the surface temperature of the ground reached 60 degree Celsius on July 12. A traffic police officer on duty reported that the rubber soles of his shoes were melted off by the heat from the ground.
The heat has also led to a surge in power consumption, as the city’s electricity load reaches a new high of 18,170,000 kilowatts, with over 40% of it estimated to have been used on air conditioning.
11.07.15 Beijing Heatwave_2
Yesterday, some reporters in Beijing carried out an experiment at a park where they tested the surface temperature of the metal outdoor park facilities. They measured the temperature of the surfaces of metal gymnastic equipments and plastic slides under the scorching sun, and found out that they reached about 58.4 degrees Celsius and 60.7 degrees Celsius respectively.
In order to get an appreciation for how hot things had gotten, they placed some raw meat and shrimps on the surface. Half an hour later they found that the food had already been cooked through.
11.07.15 Beijing Heatwave_3
Meteorologists predict that the heat will die down towards the end of the week, but in the meantime we recommend staying hydrated and avoiding the sun during midday.
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Depth: 9 km

Distances: 71 km SE of Vaduz, Liechtenstein / pop: 5,197 / local time: 20:04:57.0 2015-07-14
54 km E of Chur, Switzerland / pop: 32,429 / local time: 20:04:57.0 2015-07-14
8 km E of Zernez, Switzerland / pop: 1,053 / local time: 20:04:57.0 2015-07-14

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Severe storms knock down trees; Thousands without power in West Michigan, USA

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

Overnight storms left behind damage in West Michigan neighborhoods and left thousands of Consumers Energy customers without power.
The storms don’t appear to have caused any major damage, but drivers should be on the lookout for downed trees and power lines.
Kent County saw the most number of outages with more than 8,000 customers in the dark early Tuesday morning. That number dropped to around 3,000 around 8 a.m.
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Massive 1,000 square-foot sink hole swallows up an entire TRUCK in the middle of a busy road in China

Swallowed up: A cement truck was pulled into the ground when a road collapsed in eastern China on Monday
Swallowed up: A cement truck was pulled into the ground when a road collapsed in eastern China on Monday
A cement truck, telephone pole and police kiosk were swallowed into the ground during a terrifying road collapse.
Three people were also injured when the busy road opened up in Anhui province, eastern China, on Monday afternoon, reported the People’s Daily Online.  
The 1,000 square-feet sinkhole appeared in front of a department store in the city, which has closed temporarily.
Giant sinkhole: The road suddenly opened up in front of a department store, leaving three people injured
Giant sinkhole: The road suddenly opened up in front of a department store, leaving three people injured
Emergency services quickly arrived on the scene and assessed the extent of the damage.
The cause of the collapse is still under investigation. 
There have been a series of road collapses across China over recent years, leading to questions about the quality of road construction in the country. 
Just last month, a motorway bridge collapsed in Guangdong province, southern China.
One person was killed and three others injured in the Guangdong accident.
Debris: The hole measures 1,000 square feet. The cause of the collapse is now under investigation 
Debris: The hole measures 1,000 square feet. The cause of the collapse is now under investigation
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