600+ trout found dead in a river in Aveze, France

Gard : plus de six cents truites sont mortes dans l'Arre
A small group of volunteers traveled the streams on 400 m to pick up the dead in the town of Avèze fish. This approach was organized in a health concern but also to preserve the image of the territory on the eve of the arrival of tourists.
Patrick Courant, president of the fishing company, the balance sheet is heavy. “More than six hundred trout, hundreds of other fish and crayfish of all sizes are dead. Some trout measured more than 30 cm. And not to mention the destruction of countless fry of the year. The anger of fishermen is legitimate. They seek compensation.” This pollution is of accidental origin. The product in question comes from a sawmill of Molières-Cavaillac.
The Arre was considered once including the most nourishing of the grace Department River to its limestone environment. In recent years, she became ensure fishermen. The population of trout in the Cévennes rivers is Mediterranean strain pure, perfectly adapted to its environment. One of the objectives of the society of the Arre fishing is to “improve his genetic knowledge of the local aquatic environment very rich and varied to adapt its practices”.
Courtesy of midilibre.fr

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