Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Phibun Mangsahan District, Thailand
Journalists reported that fish in underwater fish trap operators, many of the farmers fed into the Mun River area. T. t. PHO Sai a. PHO SI and phibun mangsahan. Ubon Ratchathani province have suffered heavy. After fish in underwater fish trap that fed into the river Mun. Start up death marooned nok many there water that villagers from the 2 t. fish in underwater fish trap in the Mun River over 500 underwater fish trap damaging to farmers with more than 1 million. As the owner of the fish has been accelerated to add oxygen to aid the fish in underwater fish trap.
The one fish underwater fish trap operators said self with fish in underwater fish trap include underwater fish trap 50 with tilapia fish, tilapia catfish in the pet underwater fish trap. This year, the water level lower than every year. Comparing the same period Note that the fish started its onset appearing to breathe more often. Some of the dead into it. Lack of water also known as PLA nok oxygen. Since last night ago. Enough, however, it was found that the floating fish, dawn came up dead fish they feed them an age of 2-4 months to remove sold to approximately 10000 baht per thunkrachang missing need to accelerate, workers and children. draw up out on the cheap rather than peddle is not nothing.
Mr. Prasert Mansiri Ubon Ratchathani province have fishing areas checked by preliminary found the cause of death of fish floating and nok is expected because of hot and dry weather conditions. Water levels dropping makes fish acute lack of oxygen. The real reason the section Coordinator those involved, to determine the cause again.
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