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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 39km (24mi) SE of Mercin, Turkey
41km (25mi) S of Tarsus, Turkey
56km (35mi) E of Erdemli, Turkey
61km (38mi) SW of Adana, Turkey
208km (129mi) NE of Nicosia, Cyprus


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Depth: 13 km

Distances: 7km (4mi) WSW of Surte, Sweden
9km (6mi) NNW of Goeteborg, Sweden
10km (6mi) N of Majorna, Sweden
10km (6mi) SSW of Kungalv, Sweden
238km (148mi) N of Copenhagen, Denmark


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 540 km SW of Santiago, Chile / pop: 4,837,295 / local time: 15:41:14.4 2015-07-29
122 km SW of Concepción, Chile / pop: 215,413 / local time: 15:41:14.4 2015-07-29
64 km NW of Lebu, Chile / pop: 22,345 / local time: 15:41:14.4 2015-07-29

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Thousands of fish turning up dead in lakes in Illinois, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Dead fish are turning up everyday one Winnebago County lake. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says carp are dying in Lake Summerset by the thousands. They say people do need to be careful, not just in the lakes, but also with their boats.
Two weeks ago the Lake Summerset Association say they pulled 400 dead carp from the lake.
“For some reason, a virus, a carp virus that is specific to carp has struck,” says Ken Clodfelter, fish biologist at the IDNR.
Biologists with the IDNR were called in. They are not sure how the fish got the virus but say more than likely it was something already in the water. Normally the fish would fight off.  But because stress factors, the fish are dying from it.
“We’ve had a below average temperatures these summer so some of these carp may have held off in spawning and that stresses them and they are kind of a group spawner so all of a sudden they are together. It’s kind of like a kid with a running nose in a classroom it’s easier to pass it on when they are all together,” Clodfelter says.
There are an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 carp in Lake Summerset. Biologist say this virus could wipe out as much as 80 perfect of them. 
It’s one of four lakes IDNR officials say the virus has been found in. They say it is still okay to boat in the lake but swimming near a lot of dead fish is not advised.
“You may not want to expose that much skin or swimming during that time when the bacteria counts are up but you can still use the lake,” Clodfelter says.
They say boaters need to be careful, too. They can unknowingly carry the virus from one lake to another if they don’t clean off their boat.
 The Lake Summerset Association says they are picking up the dead fish daily to limit any bacteria build up. The IDNR says the virus usually lasts in fish for only a few weeks.
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Massive die off of fish in a reservoir in Nanyang city, China

That morning, when reporters rushed to the duck River upstream of the reservoir, found in fifty or sixty acres of water, everywhere has white belly of the fish. These fish are small, grass carp, silver carp, common carp, such as. And the thicker the dead fish piled up near the shore, I think the last piece is 50 metres long and 20 metres wide.
Fish farmers Lu Baocun said two days ago, there was a storm. Because Yuqian hot weather and reservoir bottom-water hypoxia resulted in a large number of fish deaths.
Lu Baocun introduction, the actual death of the fish sees a lot more than it is now, nearly 200,000 pounds, dead fish is not so much, some being fished go.
According to some of the villagers said, just two days before the fish turned up, still fresh, people come to the reservoir, left most of the dead fish.
It is understood that Lu saved ponds actually is a small reservoir, reservoir last year Xiang Zheng Fu be stripped, hundreds of acres of water with only dozens of acres, water depth by more than 10 meters down to two or three meters, hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish crowded together, density is too large, is the main cause of the accident.
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50 dead turtles found in a lake in Kiev, Ukraine

In the Lake at the Academgorodok locals discovered over 50 dead Marsh turtles. The townspeople believe that the animals died from poor water conditions.
“This news we learned on Friday. On the same day the place arrived the environmental inspectorate, SES. Were taken on trial water from the Lake, as well as tissue of dead turtles. The results should be already this week, “said Director of KP” Pleso “Denis Pikalov.
According to him, there is a high probability that these turtles were brought dead and thrown into the water.
“If the problem was in the water, it would have suffered and other living creatures. This reservoir is actually part of the storm water drain in Kiev. This year, water samples were taken, and they provided camping positive, “says Pikalov.
“One of the local fishermen told us that was witness to the fact that these turtles were brought by car. A couple of guys unloaded them and simply poured out animals in the Lake. According to him, the same situation occurred and last year at this time. Perhaps they brought from some farm.
Dead animal we already removed and destroyed, and the part that survived, now lives on the Lake, “head of the beach economy svyatoshyn district of Larisa Vladimirovna.According to the head of the beach economy svyatoshin district, turtles that were found-do not live in the Lake.
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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Drochia, Moldova

Scandal in the village of Lazo Drochia district. In the rural Lake surfaced dead fish. Unpleasant smell spread all around. People complain that they are suffocating and blame this tenants Lake. Those do not recognize his guilt. People say that week already choking on the unbearable smell. “The stink is everywhere, even in the House. I can’t get over it. And yesterday the woman almost died, so it was bad, “says local resident. According to tenants, Lake cannot be cleaned because there is no water flow. Moreover, land in the water protection zone of the former village sold. “This year, no rain, and what happened happened. So often. Lake should be clean, but what am I going to do with the Earth, if privatized, “said tenant Lake George Weaver. “Think of something, something zal′ëm to not stank. This is the only thing we can do, “says another tenant, Viktor Tkach. In turn, the local authorities around blame tenants Lake. “I think this could have been avoided. People who rent Lake, should know that it is necessary to maintain a certain level of water. They did not, “says mayor Hèsnèšenij Noah Drochia district Roman Karasen′. The Lake’s fate be decided next week at a meeting of the local authorities. The former communes of deposited Lake for rent for three years.
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60 dead turtles found during past 3 weeks in Venice, Italy


60 dead turtles found during past 3 weeks in Venice, Italy

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Hundreds of dead fish found in the waters of Breda, Netherlands

Fish Kill Alert

Employees of Waterschap Brabantse Delta are Saturday afternoon spent several hours clearing hundreds
of dead fish in the waters around the Donk in Breda.
At the Essen donk were the employees of the water board with landing nets the dead fish to the clearing.
The cause would lie in too little oxygen in the water. If solution is pumped to this new water ditches.
According to bystanders was all Friday night still normal. The dead fish were found Saturday morning.
The staff of the Delta went with a boat in order to get all the dead fish to be able to brag.
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Thousands of fish killed ‘due to pollution’ in Al Qatif, Saudi Arabia

Environmental pollution kills fish in Saihat
Environmental pollution in Saihat Village killed thousands of fish while harming the marine ecosystem and the fishermen’s income, Al-Hayat reported.
Eastern Province Fishermen Society Deputy Head Jafar Al-Safwani said a large amount of dead fish was found on Al-Naseem Corniche. 
“Al-Naseem Corniche is a closed area of 800 sq. meters only. There are only about 10 openings to the Arabian Gulf in which water and fish can enter. Many fish populate in the area. Not even the plants and trees on the shore are getting enough water to grow, so they end up dying,” said Al-Safwani.
He added the summer season evaporates the water making the water in the area depleting the water volume and killing many fishes.
“The area is almost like a lake. The fishermen in the Eastern Province had demanded the authorities to open more channels and entrances from the gulf into the lake about nine years ago. However, no one responded to the fishermen and nothing has been done regarding the issue since,” said Al-Safwani.
He added he demanded experts to inspect the fish and prevent them from being sold in the markets to protect the consumer. “I am not sure if these fish are fit for humans consumption. Experts need to get involved to assess the situation. Such an incident is recurrent to rocky shores, although this is the first time fish have been found dead in that area,” said Al-Safwani.
He added many fishermen complained about the incident and others have gathered the fish out of the lake to clean it.
“Many fishermen wonder why so many fish were in the lake to begin with. Some said the summer heat drives them away from the open water and closer to the shore as they seek a cooler environment to settle in or they were seeking more oxygen,” said Al-Safwani.
An environmental expert said the fishermen in that area reported seeing red spots in the lake. “The dead fish sighted on Thursday died due to environmental pollution. There have been chemical substances and other types of waste such as cleaning detergents dumped into the lake through the sewage system. Although the act is illegal, it still happened harming the fish and the fishermen,” said the expert.
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