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Depth: 35 km

Distances: 22 km E of Marigot, Saint-Martin / pop: 5,700 / local time: 18:28:57.9 2015-07-30
22 km N of Gustavia, Saint-Barthelemy / pop: 5,988 / local time: 18:28:57.9 2015-07-30
90 km N of Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis / pop: 12,920 / local time: 18:28:57.9 2015-07-30

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Mass die off of fish in the river Nile in Rosetta, Egypt

“Ammonia poisoning” blamed for mass fish die-off in Egypt’s Delta: official
The mass fish die-off, currently seen off Egypt’s western Nile branch city of Rosetta, is caused by ammonia poisoning and lack of oxygen in the water, water ministry sources said Wednesday.
“Preliminary testing carried out on the water and the dead fishes indicate that most fishes suffocated due to the hot weather and lack of oxygen in overloaded commercial fishing farms concentrated in the area,” Engineer Ahmed Fathy of the Water Ministry told Youm7 Tuesday.
During the past few days, picture of the dead fish reportedly floating on the Nile near Rosetta circulated on social media websites. Residents at the city panicked and refrained from drinking water from the tap for five days, Youm7 reported.
“The fish are dying due to the winter blockage of the Nile water that takes place in July and August every year. It causes a notable reduction in the amount of oxygen in the water,” undersecretary of the Helath Ministry for preventive medicine Amr Qandeel told Youm7.
“During the past five days, the department has disposed over 1,000 tons of dead fish in several fish markets in the Delta governorates,” said Qandeel.
Thousands of privately-owned fish farms, most of which are unauthorized, are seen along the Rosetta branch of the Nile especially around Kafr al-Sheikh governorate; a home to over 25,000 farms.
Irrigation Minister Hossam Moghazy vowed to remove all the commercial fish farms in the area. “It is a matter of national security,” Moghazy was quoted by Youm7.
Ammonia is used in manufacturing dyeing materials, pesticides, plastics and detergents.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Anleo, Spain

Fish Kill Alert

Detected in the Anleo River, tributary of the Navia, hundreds of dead fish, mostly trout. The discovery took place in the stretch between the towns of Anleo and Armental, at about three kilometers from the runway that appeared dead specimens of trout and eels. In addition, found dead other specimens protected as the Iberian or even earthworms.
The worst hit has been the trout said, Amador Rodriguez, President of the environmental group Salternavia: «we can quantify them in hundreds of copies», which were found scattered throughout the section. Most were small fry, but they have also been seen eels from more than twenty centimeters. The event could have occurred some three days ago, between Friday and Saturday. Yesterday agents of the service of protection of the nature of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) visited the area to assess “this new ecological disaster”, they have secured from Salternavia. The causes of these mass deaths, are unknown, although Rodriguez believes that «it might be some pollutant discharge».
Historical spills
It is not the first time that the Anleo River discharges and deaths of fish produce. In 2008 there was a massive death caused by a spill. In 2011, residents of Santé located dozens of trout dead on this same runway. This is a river in the upstream is located a dairy industry, which already faced various disciplinary proceedings by dumping in different rivers in the municipality. From Salternavia, they said “we pointed out the facts, we don’t accuse anyone, is that thing from the authorities”.
The Association appealed to residents near rivers so that, when they detected a similar episode, they inform the authorities and environmental associations to give investigations more quickly.
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Die off of fish is ‘unusual’ in the waters of Snappertuna, Finland

Fish Kill Alert

A greater amount of dead fish have been found in the waters at Ersö in Snappertuna. Cause of fish death is unclear.
Miljöinspektören Jouni Stordell in Raseborg has visited the Strait at Ersö and he will tell you that there has been found dead Pike, small roaches, small perch, tench and bream.
Samples have been sent to the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.
The dead fish were discovered in Ersösundet sometimes called at the beginning of the week. EHO Jouni Stordell is not aware of other cases of this kind.
-Fishermen have died in an open water systems is staggering, “he said.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a stream in a park in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Singapore

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish were seen in a stream in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park on Tuesday morning.
Residents living there said the fish were floating belly-up giving off a pungent smell which they could detect even from the nearby main road.
When The Straits Times visited the park at about 10am on Tuesday morning, cleaners were picking up the fish using tongs and putting them into green plastic trash bags.
One of them said that he and his team had already filled about 10-15 bags of fish and that the clean-up could take another day or two.
“The fish were all bloated and floated up on the water. I thought it would just be a few fish but didn’t expect that there would be so many,” said the cleaner who declined to be named.
This is not the first time that mass fish deaths have happened at the park.
In February last year, about 400 dead tilapia and mayan cichlid fish were found washed up along a stream there. National water agency PUB said at that time that it was likely due to the hot and dry weather.
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40 dead turtles found on the coast of Veracruz, Mexico

Boca del Rio, see.-regional coordination of the Secretariat of environment and natural resources (Semarnat) reported that 40 dead turtles, found the last one was found on Sunday on beaches of Boca del Rio, in front of the hotel Fiesta Inn along the Veracruz State.
Of these 40, ten have been found on beaches in the Veracruz – Boca del Rio, conurbation reported Angel Barragan Villareal, Coordinator of the regional Center Office.
“As the others that have appeared there blows, it had no lacerations, and good personal anyway PROFEPA did the uprising, were sampled and because we will expect to see which indicate the results. However this also indicates that the dead turtle came dragged by the current Navy and died in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico,”said.
An important part has been supported by the same citizens who are those who reported to environmental authorities on the findings of the dead turtles.
They also contribute to the protection of these species.
“Are there has been progress in protecting the turtle. Last year were released more than 400 thousand sea turtles in 18 camps turtle what on the Veracruz coast, this is a significant amount, in recent years we just passed the 300 thousand, and that speaks of the work that is being done”, he said.
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Earth could get just 12 hours’ warning of damaging solar storm

Solar Energy Alert

A new report presumably being optioned by Michael Bay demonstrates that Earthlings would have only 12-hours to prepare if a solar storm ever threatened our planet. The Guardian reports on the report from the Space Weather Preparedness Strategy’s fears of “coronal mass ejection.”
The report explains:
Solar activity can produce x-rays, high-energy particles and coronal mass ejections of plasma. Where such activity is directed towards Earth there is the potential to cause wide-ranging impacts. These include power loss, aviation disruption, communication loss, and disturbance to (or loss of) satellite systems.
Relax, we’re not talking about anything that would require Bruce Willis. Even Nic Cage can stay chilling in whichever one of Genghis Khan’s summer palaces he’s currently hanging his cape. The strongest recorded incident of coronal mass ejection happened was the 1859 Carrington event. It was a brilliant lightshow that knocked out telegraphs all over Europe and North America, but humanity remained uncooked.
Inconvenienced, sure, but fine.
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***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 30.07.15  20.09 hrs UTC

Much Warmer Weather On The Way For The UK

The beginning of August is going to be warm to very warm which will last approx 5 days


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 299km (186mi) NE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
671km (417mi) S of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
1148km (713mi) SSE of Suva, Fiji
1236km (768mi) SSE of Nadi, Fiji
1280km (795mi) SSE of Lambasa, Fiji