10,200 hens killed due to avian flu in Emsland, Germany

Bird Flu

The suspected bird flu had emerged through the self-check results that now. by official sample of the NDS State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (LAVES) have been confirmed. The national reference laboratory of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) on the island Riems announced that it is the highly pathogenic form of avian influenza (HPAI) is the subtype H7 N7. Experience has shown that it appears only when close contact with diseased or dead birds and their products or excretions of transmitting viruses come from animals to humans. One should avoid direct contact with infected animals so necessarily. Based on the official result of the Emsland district performs all necessary measures to combat the disease according to the European and federal regulations. “In addition, we call on all poultry farmers to review their biosecurity measures and apply them consistently,” said District Administrator Reinhard Winter. The measures include an outbreak of highly pathogenic influenza form inter alia, in the establishment of a Sperrbezirkes three kilometers of radius around the outbreak of operation and an observation area with a radius of ten kilometers. Poultry shall not be moved from these areas out in these areas or screwing in. Within a radius of one kilometer around the affected operating stocks are also animal welfare compliant killed – in this case about 60 animals from three animal facilities. In addition, epidemiological investigation be undertaken to determine the cause and other contact holdings. Shall take effect 30 days after cleansing and disinfection operation no new case, these measures can be lifted. In Lower Saxony the latest outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza type H5N8 December 2014 were observed in the district of Cloppenburg and in the Emsland district. In March and June 2015, there was in the district of Cuxhaven and in the Emsland district outbreaks of low pathogenic form of avian influenza type H7N7. In Germany, regular monitoring tests for avian influenza in poultry flocks and in wild birds will be held. These have so far found no evidence of an influenza occurrence in Lower Saxony. Moreover, there is in poultry flocks special control inspections.
Courtesy of emsland.de

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