Catastrophic Flooding And Landslides; Death Toll To Rise In Burma

An aerial view of the flooded Kalay township at Sagaing division
At least 27 people have been killed by flash floods and landslides
The death toll from flash floods and landslides in Burma is set to spike, the United Nations has warned, with more heavy rain forecast for the coming days.
Government figures suggest at least 27 people have been killed and a further 156,000 people affected by the heavy flooding, which has hit large areas of the country.
However many of the worst-hit areas have not yet been reached by assessment teams, meaning the number of people affected may be “significantly higher,” the UN’s office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) said in a statement.
Democratic Voice of Burma journalist reports in chest-high flood water
Waters levels are as high as 4.5 metres Pic: Democratic Voice of Burma
As further information becomes available, the death toll is also “expected to increase,” it said.
Burma’s President Thein Sein has declared four of the worst-hit areas – the Magway and Sagaing regions and Chin and Rakhine states – disaster zones.
There is particular concern surrounding Rakhine state, which is home over 100,000 people displaced by civil war and living in poorly built camps.
More heavy rain is forecast in the coming days
Water levels in the western state are said to be as high as 4.5 metres.
Much of Burma – also known as Myanmar – has been hit by flooding and landslides over the last few weeks, resulting from monsoon rains throughout July. 
Conditions worsened considerably after Cyclone Komen brought strong winds and heavy rains when it made landfall earlier this week.
Images have circulated of one journalist for Democratic Voice of Burma, a non-profit media organisation, who was forced to do a live news report while standing in chest-high water earlier this week.
Further heavy rains have been forecast for the next few days.
Courtesy of Sky News

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    This doesn’t look like AGW predictions.

    Earth’s weather and climate are in fact controlled by the great fountain of energy Copernicus discovered at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543: The pulsar remains of the supernova that made our elements and birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago, . . .

    the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system today!

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