Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a river in County Down, Ireland

Fish Kill Alert

A Co Down angler has spoken of his devastation after several hundred trout died at the River Enler over the weekend.
The fish were a mix of brown and sea trout.
Back in 2013, close to 5000 fish were found dead in the river.
Ian Kittle, secretary of the Inler Angling Club, told Belfast Live that indications of what had happened began to appear on Friday evening.
He said: “One of the club members and a member of the public rang to tell me they’d seen dead fish in the lower end. The environment agency were contacted and then a lot more reports began to come in on Saturday.
“It’s easily 300, the thing about rivers is that with overgrown banks there could be a lot more tucked in that you wouldn’t actually see.
“There were fish as small as two inches, and there was one up on the six pound weight. So there was good fish among them.
“People are gutted: We had the 5000 fish kill… We knew it would take a few years to recover but it had been starting to show signs of building back up again.”
He said the environment agency is investigating the kill.
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