Mass stranding of various dead fish in Juan Griego, Venezuela

Fish Kill Alert

The stranding of fish in the Bay of Juan Greek is not an isolated phenomenon, but the currents which affect margariteñas coasts at this time, and which is known by local fishermen as a sea or a “turbid”.
José Alcoba, Fisherman of this area of the North of the island, said that since Friday the sand of the Bay of this population of the Marcano municipality dawned upholstered of dead fish of various species, as well as some crustaceans such as prawns.
Bedroom, as well as other fishermen of the population, take as head of this stranding the “cloudy” that there are on the coasts, or what is known as a sea of background.
According to the reference of the men of the sea, sand and floating in the water you could see shrimp, prawns, moray eels, rays, several species of fish, like the backwards, Toad or the carachana, many people opted to pick up to their homes.
With the passage of the hours and the heat of the day, fish began to decompose, so the Mayor of Marcano activated some cleaning crews to prevent that the pestilence by its decomposition could rub off even more the promenade that runs along the beach and fish.
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