Heatwave of 38C (100.4F) to strike Austria

Heatwave Warning

Following the below average temperatures of the last week, the heatwave is set to return to Austria from Tuesday.
July was the hottest since records began, with a high of 38.6C, and August is not set to disappoint. 
Forecasters are predicting the hottest weather on Saturday in the east of the country, with temperatures over 35C from Tuesday. The heat will bring more hot summer nights with it, with temperatures not set to fall below 20C at night for at least the next nine days.
The west of the country can expect small, localised thunderstorms on Tuesday afternoon, but there will be no relief from the heat for the rest of us – forecasts are currently pointing to stable, hot, and sunny conditions for the coming week for most of the country.
The hot weather has led to concerns for drought-stricken fields and hills. Many in the agricultural sector are afraid there will be crop losses for corn, sugar beet, sunflowers and grapes after a lack of summer rain, which will affect local farmers.
UBIMET weather experts have yet to give an end date for this current hot spell, which is the fourth heatwave Austria has experienced this year.
Courtesy of thelocal.at

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