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Thousands of dead fish wash up on beaches in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, Colombia

Fish Kill Alert

Environmental authorities are investigating the cause which produced the death of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the Sucre Department, specifically in one of the beaches of the tourist port of Tolu.
Fish woke up floating in the beach and the first fishermen enlisting to do work collected over four tons of dead fish.
According to Julian Medina, of the Association of fishermen of the Gulf of Morrosquilo, “this is disastrous, is chaotic that we are living, fishermen have today come to fish and again thousands dead fish have been found, we do not know what is happening”.
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10,000 kgs of fish have suddenly died in Nanjing, China

Fish Kill Alert

Intend to get up early to feed the fish, shining white fleet on the water, fish ponds to raise tilapia more than a year all turned white belly, Nanjing County Longshan Wei Po Tsuen villagers Yu Guoqiang dumbfounded. The incident the morning of August 6, preliminary estimates, died suddenly the night fish have ten thousand kilograms, worth more than 40,000 yuan, but the reason remains unknown.
After the incident, Nanjing County Public Security Bureau has confirmed that non-poisoning incident investigation. Currently, the Nanjing County Environmental Protection Agency said it would continue to investigate the intervention.
the Herald reporter went to Wei Po Tsuen Yu Guoqiang located fish ponds. Not approached, I have been able to smell a smell. Standing on the edge of the pond, I saw dead fish floating on the water glistening, representing the water dozens of meters. “At 7:00 on the 6th more found all die off one night, the night before, when fed a diet still alive and kicking.” said that these ten thousand kilos of tilapia, raised more than a year, the loss of more than 4 million.
According to him, the water ponds are from the village brook. Herald reporter saw the ponds outside the inlet stream, the same body floating in the river fish. “Stream there is a problem.” Yu Guoqiang guess, but the incident two days, the specific reasons still unknown.
It is understood that two fish ponds in the village connected to the accident is one of the small ponds. Currently, he blocked the pond inlet, isolate the two ponds of water. “There are 40,000 fish pond kilos of fish, due to the closure of the inlet, water quality is getting worse, I’m afraid not last long.” he said he was eager to find dead fish reasons, it can not then a small the river water can only rely on water to improve water quality.
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Hundreds of fish die in a pond in Culemborg, Netherlands

Fish Kill Alert

From a ditch on the Weithusen in Culemborg in recent days fished hundreds of dead fish. Because there is too little oxygen in the ditch.
How this is possible is not yet known Rivierenland water. Normal water contains too little oxygen because it is too hot, or because too many plants there are in the water.
Wednesday night a passerby spotted dead fish in the water. Then the water board decided to remove the fish from the water and fresh water to add to the ditch. So the problem must be solved.
Thursday there were already dozens of fish caught in a big fishing net. Today there were hundreds of fish out of the water. The water board expects to be busy for several days and will continue as long as necessary.
The expectation is that there are hundreds of dead fish to come. The fresh water comes from the Linge, but it takes half a day before the water from the Linge is in the ditch.
The water is not contaminated with botulism. It is also trying to prevent the water board. Thus, it is also not dangerous to come into contact with the water of the 2 km long ditch. In addition, everyone can swim in the lake ‘De Meent’, which is not connected with the ditch.
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Mass die off of fish in a river in Phichit Province, Thailand

Floating dead fish strewn in front of the farmhouse. Trident after rain wash out chemicals and sewage flowing into the canal grass
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5,400 rainbow trout dead ‘due to heat’ in a hatchery in Washington, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Water that was too warm killed about 5,400 rainbow trout — nearly all of them — at the Whatcom Falls Park hatchery during a summer marked by drought and high temperatures.
Most of the fish were in two large shallow ponds at the hatchery, which belongs to the Washington state Department of Fish & Wildlife but is operated by Bellingham Technical College’s fisheries program.
“This weather we’ve had, we’re seeing warmer water temperatures than we’ve ever seen historically,” said Kevin B. Clark, Nooksack Basin hatchery manager for Fish & Wildlife. “It basically cooked them.”
Clark said the massive fish die-off occurred first in one pond, around mid-July, and then in a second pond the third week of July — both seemingly overnight.
“This is an absolute first for us. I hope it’s not a pattern,” he said, noting the dead fish were “warm to the touch.”
This was the second hottest July on record in Bellingham. The average high was 76.8 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The normal high is 71.3 degrees.
The average low was 57.7 degrees, well above the norm of 53.5.
Water temperatures at the hatchery were, on average, four to five degrees warmer than usual for that time of the year, with a high of 76.2 degrees that was recorded shortly after a hot Fourth of July weekend, according to Clark.
“That’s so warm you just look at them and they just about die. The fish just don’t like water that warm,” said Earl Steele, fisheries instructor at Bellingham Technical College.
BTC’s fisheries program and its students operate the hatchery for the state.
Clark said most of the fish that died were going to be among those put into lakes in Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties for fishing. A couple hundred managed to survive.
“I hope they can make it until things cool off,” Clark said.
Of those that died, he said, “That’s over a year’s worth of work for us.”
The water for the hatchery ponds at Whatcom Falls Park is pulled from the shallowest part of Lake Whatcom, near Bloedel Donovan Park, and then a gravity-feed system empties water into the ponds.
The water is cooler when it first drops into the concrete ponds.
When temperatures started to climb, the hatchery tried to cool the ponds by exchanging the water faster and putting a tarp over one of the ponds. Neither could offset the warmer temperatures.
Clark said people asked him why crews didn’t truck the fish to places with cooler temperatures. He said with the amount of stress the fish experienced because of the warm water, they likely would’ve die as he tried to transport them.
And Bellingham water couldn’t be used to cool the ponds because it contains chlorine, which is deadly to fish.
“We get a lot of visitors to Whatcom Falls Park,” he said, “and there was a lot of questions.”
This might have been the last year for visitors to see fish at the hatchery during summer.
Warmer temperatures in recent years already required crews to treat the trout for columnaris and “ich,” bacteria and parasites that sicken fish. That’s made it more difficult to have fish at the hatchery during summer the past three years.
In the short term, the state will continue to use the hatchery at Whatcom Falls Park, but only until the second week of April when the fish will be put into area lakes for the opening of trout fishing season.
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81,000 cattle dead due to flooding in Gujarat, India

Livestock Alert

The Gujarat government on Wednesday said that at least 72 persons have died and over 81,000 cattle have perished in the flood followed by heavy rains in north region of the state last month.
State health minister and government’s spokesperson Nitin Patel said government property worth Rs 2,000 crore has been either washed away or completely damaged.
The government will seek assistance from the Centre after conducting survey of loss, he told reporters in Gandhinagar.
“72 persons have lost their lives in different parts of state due to heavy rain followed by flood, particularly in north Gujarat region. Among these, 40 deaths were reported in Banaskantha district alone, while 6 deaths were reported in Patan district and 4 in Kutch district. The remaining deaths were reported in other parts of the state,” the minister said.
Patel said that heavy rain followed by flood have caused maximum damage in Banaskantha, Patan and Kutch districts, where over 81,000 cattle have been killed.
“In these three districts, 81,609 cattle have perished. Either they have drowned or were swept away, or they were killed due to severe cold or due to some disease.
“Out of these, 42,609 were large cattle like cows and buffaloes, while 38,871 were small cattle, such as goats and sheep,” the minister added.
As per a rough estimate by the government, crops sowed in more than 2 lakh hectares may fail due to waterlogging.
“There are still many places where water has not receded. Many villages are still under five feet of water. We fear that crops in 2 lakh hectare may fail. Some 3 to 4 villages in Banaskantha are completely washed off in flood.
“Thus, we have decided to allot new land to resettle the villagers,” the Kadi legislator said.
“We are yet to find out the loss of private property, as the survey is still going on. As per our rough estimate, government suffered losses to the tune of around Rs 2,000 crore, as several roads, schools, offices and electricity infrastructure is either washed away or damaged,” he added.
“Cash doles and other compensation will be paid as per our generous relief package announced recently. We will also seek help from the Centre to allot more grant to cope up with the situation. For that, we will send our survey report to Centre in next three days,” Patel said.
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Coal mine explosion kills at least 10; 40 missing after landslide in China

Explosion Alert

Landslide Danger Alert

At least 10 people have been killed and 40 others missing in two separate accidents at coal mines in China, state media reported today.
Ten people were killed in a gas outburst at a coal mine in southwest China’s Guizhou Province last night, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The explosion took place at the coal mine in Louxia Township of Pu’an County. Rescue operations are underway and authorities looking into the cause of the accident, the report said.
In another incident, around 40 people were listed missing after a landslide swept through the living quarters of a mine company in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. The accident took place shortly after last midnight, local officials said. Rescue efforts were underway to locate them.
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Gas pipeline explosion kills at least 5 in Mexico

Gas Explosion

At least five people were killed in the explosion of the oil company Petroleos Mexicanos gas pipeline in Mexico.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — At least five people were killed in the explosion of the oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) gas pipeline in the city of Monterrey, the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon in the country’s northeast, the company said Wednesday.
“The fire registered today in Escobedo-Santa Catarina pipeline in the town of Garcia, Nuevo Leon, was caused by a blow from a particular company equipment at a construction site outside Pemex. Unfortunately, the death of five contractor’s employees is confirmed,” Pemex said.
Garcia is an industrial municipality located to the northwest of the Monterrey metropolitan area.
Pemex added that the fire will not end until the gas remains in the pipe are burnt, but that the blaze remains under control.
On June 22, oil and gas leak caused the explosion on Mexico’s state-run company’s oil platform at one of its major operations in the southern Gulf of Mexico.
On April 1, flames engulfed a Pemex oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving four people dead.
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Plane crash catches fire and kills 2 near Ocala, Florida, USA

Plane Crash Alert

Two people are dead after their single-engine plane crashed and caught fire in north Florida.
Authorities say Dauphin Richard and Merry Womack, both 78, died when their Beech BE35 went down this morning in Weirsdale, a small community near Ocala in Marion County.
The Ocala Star-Banner reports that Richard Womack was a retired FedEx pilot and flight engineer for the U.S. Air Force.
Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen says the plane took off from a grass airstrip near Ocala at 9:40 a.m. and crashed shortly thereafter.
The FAA is investigating the crash.
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