Hundreds of fish die in a pond in Culemborg, Netherlands

Fish Kill Alert

From a ditch on the Weithusen in Culemborg in recent days fished hundreds of dead fish. Because there is too little oxygen in the ditch.
How this is possible is not yet known Rivierenland water. Normal water contains too little oxygen because it is too hot, or because too many plants there are in the water.
Wednesday night a passerby spotted dead fish in the water. Then the water board decided to remove the fish from the water and fresh water to add to the ditch. So the problem must be solved.
Thursday there were already dozens of fish caught in a big fishing net. Today there were hundreds of fish out of the water. The water board expects to be busy for several days and will continue as long as necessary.
The expectation is that there are hundreds of dead fish to come. The fresh water comes from the Linge, but it takes half a day before the water from the Linge is in the ditch.
The water is not contaminated with botulism. It is also trying to prevent the water board. Thus, it is also not dangerous to come into contact with the water of the 2 km long ditch. In addition, everyone can swim in the lake ‘De Meent’, which is not connected with the ditch.
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