Record high temperatures as an unexpected heatwave strikes parts of Australia

Record High Temperatures

IT’S still winter, but it was perfect beach weather on Saturday as the temperature soared to a record 27.0 degrees in Perth’s metropolitan — the hottest August day in 17 years
Duty forecaster Bob Tarr from the Bureau of Meteorology said the last recorded temperature this high was 27.2 degrees recorded on August 26 in 1998.
Mr Tarr said the unseasonably high temperature also smashed past records for Rottnest and Swanbourne.
“We have records on Rottnest that go back to 1879 and this is the warmest temperature ever recorded on Rottnest Island,” he said.
“It’s also the warmest day on record at Swanbourne since 1985 and the equal warmest at Jandakot”.
Opportunistic sun seekers flooded Perth beaches in a bid to soak up the heat while it lasted.
Jayde Branton, 28, spent the day at Cottesloe Beach with her two sisters and some friends.
It was their first attempt on the ocean at stand-up paddling, a popular new sport that combines surfing and paddling.
Ms Branton said she couldn’t believe it was winter.
“It was awesome, just such a beautiful day for it. There were heaps of people down there, definitely a couple of hundred at least,” she said.
“The water was still pretty cold but it was nice enough to swim for a bit”.
The winter temperature was even warmer than Barcelona, which was 21 degrees, London, 22, Paris, 23 and Amsterdam, 21.
The weather is tipped to be partly cloudy with a maximum of 23 degrees on Sunday.
“The rain should hold off until the early evening,” Mr Tarr said.
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