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Chemical leak sends 15 people to hospital; 100’s evacuated in Indiana, USA

Chemical Spill Alert

A chemical leak near an Indiana racetrack sent at least 15 people to the hospital and forced the evacuation of hundreds from the track Saturday, police said.
The evacuation occurred at the Quarter Midget Track in Terre Haute. A chemical leak — later determined to be sulfur dioxide — emanated from the nearby Hydrite Chemical Company, according to Sgt. Jason Czupryn of the Terre Haute Police Department.
“I was in the bleachers watching races,” one young spectator told ABC affiliate WAWV, “and I started smelling stuff and people started evacuating, so I guess I followed.”
“People complained of some breathing difficulty and burning skin,” said Joe Swan of the Terre Haute Fire Department. “We treated it per the INDOT regulations, and from there we’ve got things under control at this time.”
Hydrite found the leak and quickly shut off the pipes, WAWV reported.
At least 15 people were taken to hospital with “bronchial irritation,” Czupryn said. A regional hospital said in a statement that 15 people were received — 13 of them were treated and released.
The track and a surrounding large area were evacuated for two hours. Czupryn added that everything was contained, and that hazmat and fire personnel cleared the area and reopened it.
It is unclear how many spectators were in attendance at the time.
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Two trains collide injuring at least 19 near Budapest

Train Crash Alert

Two trains crashed 50 km northeast of Budapest early today, injuring 19 people, the Hungarian police said.
Two people were injured seriously, Imre Kavalecz, spokesman for state rail company MAV, was quoted as saying by national news agency MTI.
The trains were carrying 30 to 40 passengers and were travelling at a low speed of about 20 km per hour when the crash happened near Galgaguta, Kavalecz said.
An investigation is under way to establish the cause of the accident, he added.
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Plane crashes onto train tracks in Long Island, USA

Photo: Victor Alcorn
A small plane crashed onto the train tracks in Bethpage Sunday morning, snarling Long Island Railroad service on the Ronkonkoma line.
The plane burst into flames on the tracks at South Oyster Bay Road shortly after the crash.
LIRR service between Hicksville and Farmingdale was suspended in both directions due to police activity, according to the LIRR’s website.
One of the plane’s passengers was brought to a local hospital, according to CBS. It was unclear if there were any other injuries.
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Indonesia passenger plane wreckage found in remote Papua

Plane Crash Alert

The wreckage of an Indonesian plane carrying 54 people has been found in the remote western Papua region, officials say.
The Trigana Air flight lost contact with ground control at 14:55 local time (05:55 GMT) as it flew from the capital Jayapura to the town of Oksibil.
A transport official said the aircraft had been found in the Bintang highlands region, not far from its intended landing site at Oksibil airport.
It is not yet known if anyone survived.
The wreckage was discovered by villagers, who then alerted officials.
“Residents provided information that the aircraft crashed into Tangok mountain,” said the Indonesia’s director-general of air transportation, Suprasetyo.
The ATR42-300 twin turboprop plane was carrying 44 adult passengers, five children and infants, and five crew.
It took off from Sentani airport in Jayapura at 14:21, but lost contact with air traffic controllers half an hour later.
An official search was suspended due to poor light.
Oksibil, which is about 280km (175 miles) south of Jayapura, is a remote, mountainous region, which is extremely difficult to navigate.
Bad weather is believed to have been a possible reason for the crash.
A second plane, which had been sent to look for the missing one, was forced to turn back because of dangerous flying conditions.
Trigana Air has had 14 serious incidents since it began operations in 1991, losing 10 aircraft in the process, according to the Aviation Safety Network.
It has been on a European Union blacklist of banned carriers since 2007. All but four of Indonesia’s certified airlines are on the list.
Indonesia has suffered two major air disasters in the past year.
Last December an AirAsia plane crashed in the Java Sea, killing all 192 people on board – and in July a military transport plane crashed in a residential area of Medan, Sumatra claiming 140 lives.
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Landslide buries a house killing 3 in Nepal

Landslide Danger Alert

Three members of a family were killed when a landslide buried their house at Namunabasti in Narayanpur Municipality-6 in the district on Saturday night.
The deceased have been identified as Rupa Badi, 20, and her three-year-old daughter Sapana and two-year-old son Jeet.
Inspector Pushkar Bahadur Chand said that police rescued Dipak Bahadur, husband of Rupa, trapped in the disaster and took him to the District Hospital.
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Mysterious Virus Paralyzes Over 100 Children After Appearance of Cold-Like Symptoms in USA

Virus Alert

An unidentified polio-like virus, which causes child paralysis, has been making its rounds throughout the United States. So far, more than 100 children in 34 states have been affected by the mysterious virus, reports the Pensacola News Journal.
After being infected with the virus, children usually exhibit cold-like symptoms, such as high fever or colds. The infected children eventually lose the ability to move their leg, arm or even multiple limbs at the same time.
The CDC first noticed the unknown illness spreading in 2014 and warned physicians about the rising cases of the disease. The health agency believes that the virus could be related to an outbreak of enterovirus D68 or C105, which are both close relatives of the polio virus.
Doctors, who had treated patients with the strange illness, explain that there are usually only a small amount of patients every year who experience unexplained limb weakness. However, with this new illness, the rate of cases spiked significantly. 
The CDC named the new disorder acute flaccid paralysis and later changed it to acute flaccid myelitis (IFM), after finding out that the virus infected the spinal cord, states Star Advertiser.
Doctors, with patients who contracted the disorder, noted that the virus resulted in an inflammation of the spinal cord — known as myelitis in medical terms — among their patients. 
Dr. Benjamin Greenberg, a neurologist expert that specializes in a rare disorder called transverse myelitis, was able to successfully treat the virus, according to The Modesto Bee. Greenberg actually runs one of only two clinics in the U.S. that treats transverse myelitis and is visited by patients from all across the country.
Greenberg was able to reverse the effects of the IMF in Kingston Robinson, age 4, who had lost the ability to walk, stand and raise his right arm after experiencing cold-like symptoms. 
Before Greenberg’s successful treatment of Kingston Robinson, doctors were treating IFM the way they would treat transverse myelitis. However, PNJ explains that transverse myelitis and IFM affect different matter in the spinal cord. 
Transverse myelitis damages the cord’s white matter, which separates the nerves in the spinal cord from the brain. Whereas, IFM damages gray matter, which is responsible for carrying the electrical signals from the spinal cord to the muscles. 
Before Greenberg, doctors subjected Kingston to a five-day course of steroids and physical therapy sessions, which is the typical treatment for transverse myelitis, reports Amarillo. 
After noticing that IFM damaged gray matter instead of white matter, Greenberg applied a different treatment to Kingston called intravenous immunoglobulin or IVIG. With the new treatment, Kingston received good antibodies from donors in an attempt to block the damaging actions of bad antibodies. 
After three weeks of treatment, Kingston was able to walk again and go home.
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Depth: 33 km

Distances: 94 km N of San Juan, Puerto Rico / pop: 418,140 / local time: 08:29:07.4 2015-08-16
180 km NW of Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands, U.S. / pop: 20,000 / local time: 08:29:07.4 2015-08-16
204 km NW of Road Town, British Virgin Islands / pop: 8,449 / local time: 08:29:07.4 2015-08-16

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Lightning strikes boat killing 7, injuring 21 in Milanbazar, India


A top police official of the lower Assam district said a total of 28 people, including children and women of two villages Gogolmari and Santra, were traveling in a boat to Kandapara area.
The incident took place at Milanbazar area when lightning struck the boat.
Seven persons, including three children, were killed in the incident, the police official said.
The injured persons had rushed to Barpeta Medical college hospital.
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Depth: 17 km

Distances: 180 km E of Havana, Cuba / pop: 2,163,824 / local time: 07:47:46.6 2015-08-16
99 km E of Matanzas, Cuba / pop: 146,733 / local time: 07:47:46.6 2015-08-16
28 km N of Corralillo, Cuba / pop: 51,881 / local time: 07:47:46.6 2015-08-16

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