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Hundreds of cattle dying daily ‘due to lack of rain’ in Afar Region, Ethiopia, Africa

Livestock Alert

Seasonal rains have failed to materialize in some parts of Ethiopia, causing deaths of many cattle and other animals. Witnesses say hundreds of cattle are dying daily, especially in the Afar Region.
Wondimu Filate, a spokesman for the Agriculture Ministry, told The Associated Press that: “The government has enough food stock and it is assisting farmers to continue their farming practices with improved seed items and drought-resistant crops.” The government says there is no risk of a food shortage and it is stockpiling food.
Adamu Kebede, a truck driver, told AP he has seen hundreds of cattle lying dead along the main road that stretches from the Addis Ababa to the Afar Region’s capital, Semera, adding that he has seen dozens of trucks unloading emergency food aid.
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Sea birds and dolphins washing up dead, ‘dying of hunger’ in La Libertad, Peru

Otra consecuencia. Aves siguen muriendo de hambre.
It is not the first time that this happens but now has greater security of what is causing it. Some Pelicans and dead dolphins were found yesterday in the shores of the sea of Huanchaco and Salaverry, Trujillo.
Seabirds died due to lack of food by the absence of species such as tuna, mackerel, mackerel and anchovy, a result of the presence of the El Niño phenomenon.
The biologist and Professor at the National University of Trujillo Carlos Bocanegra confirmed that pelicans died for lack of food, since with the warming of the sea marine species tend to move to other areas of the ocean to take refuge in cold water.
“Definitely there is a direct relationship between the child and the death of these species,” said.
He indicated that the temperature of the sea in this winter should be between 16 and 17 degrees, but due to El Niño reaches 20 degrees. “In the summer the temperature could reach 25 degrees by El Niño”, he warned.
Inhabitants of the spas in the Huanchaco and Salaverry asked the municipal authorities make the pick up of the remains of pelicans and dead dolphins that find themselves stranded on the beach, for being a danger to the health of bathers.
A similar phenomenon occurred in 2012 in almost all of the coastal liberteno.
A similar situation occurred along the coast of Lambayeque and Chimbote during 2013.
Pelicans, boobies and dolphins in large numbers were killed along the beaches. At the time of the sea of the Peru Institute attributed the fact
the lack of food.
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Thousands of dead fish found in a creek in Georgia, USA

Fish Kill Alert

It’s not what anyone expected to find at Yahoola Creek Park, a place known for its babbling water and shady trees.
“This is the county park, the main park that we have. There’s people here all the time. People wade in the creek,” said Lumpkin County Manager Stan Kelley.
So when dead fish started coming ashore, the county took notice. Kelley says he immediately visited the park and noticed about 20 dead fish.
An 11Alive viewer wrote us after trying to fish at the park, to say he saw “hundreds and hundreds of dead fish floating down the river.” The Department of Natural Resources say the number is actually in the thousands.
Both the Wildlife Resources and Environmental Protection Divisions are investigating, along with the state Agriculture Department.
“There’s a good bit of agricultural activity, pesticides, herbicides that may be involved in that area, which is why Ag is involved,” said Albert Langley, Director of Compliance for EPD.
Langley says so far, there’s no obvious cause and only fish appeared to be affected. Whatever it was, is gone, which he says could make finding a cause even more difficult.
There are healthy fish now in the water and test results show it the creek has the proper oxygen levels and is clean. Investigators hope the fish themselves can offer clues. But toxicology results may not be back for another two weeks.
The county says the fish started dying near the discharge point for Dahlonega’s Sewer treatment facility. But there’s another creek that connects with the Yahoola, and investigators found dead fish along there too.
Still, the EPD says it’s taking water samples to make sure nothing was erroneously discharged from the facility. It’s also taking plant samples from along the creek. The county says the vegetation was treated with an herbicide by the power company about two weeks ago.
Langley says there is a chance the fish died from the heat, but says it could also have been an accident.
“Spilling some herbicide into the storm drain that ends up in the creek, killing fish, but it’s a one time thing that they don’t even know about it and won’t be repeated,” he explained.
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Thousands of dead fish wash along the shores of Battipaglia, Italy

battipaglia spiaggia invasa dai pesci morti
A carpet of dead fish has welcomed swimmers battipagliese coast. The strange and disturbing phenomenon happened over the weekend just ended. Dead animals, mostly small fish, were stranded since dawn along the coastline, creating confusion and disgust among the bathers. The heat has accelerated the process of rotting carcasses, creating a strong stench, propagated throughout waterline.
The phenomenon was repeated throughout Saturday and Sunday, affecting part of the beach between Battipaglia and Eboli. Numerous reports about joints the municipal administration who asked battipagliese Istituto Zooprofilattico intervention of arcades, which specializes in cases like this.
The engineers took samples of water and measured sea temperature, and picked up some dead fish.
From the preliminary inventories of fish die-off is due to the rise in the average temperature of the water, climb to levels comparable to those of the tropical seas.
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***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 20.08.15  22.58 hrs UTC

Large amount of dead fish found floating in river in Anhui, China

 Fish Kill Alert
Around at 9:40 on August 11, 2015, reporters came near the town clock Anhui Langxi Jianping Li Tong Village group of villagers, the air was filled with the thick smell, too dark river, the river there is a scam nets of fishermen under the cloth, river floating a large number of white objects, into a closer look, full of dead fish, and is basically a small fry. Scam nets where there are a large number of dead fish.
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170,000 lbs of fish have died in a reservoir in Jiangxi, China

In the morning, Jiangxi qianshan reservoir horizontal source he Kou Zhen Yu Cun, farmers Wang Dongxian family during a visit to the reservoir the dam has fish die in succession. To 9th, the reservoir fish kills around 170,000 pounds, losing about 700,000 yuan (RMB). Wang Dongxian suspected to have been poisoned, police did not respond.
According to mainland media reports, he Kou Zhen Yu Cun horizontal source reservoir, a large number of dead fish floating in the water, Wang Dongxian family suffered huge losses.
Event triggered netizens guessing. The Netizen said, poisoning is unlikely, so much water, pesticides have tens of thousands of dollars to buy, who so much enmity; some netizens speculate, may also be hot in summer, fish smothered easily hypoxia; others said there may have been poisoned, a bottle of medicine can solve.
Otherwise many Internet users expressed concern that so many dead fish and fish, if market into the table, that’s terrible.
To 2015, the city has a reservoir had as many dead fish.
In July 2015, Anhui “sauce Lake” event sound does not, one of the major lakes in Wuhan City of Hubei Province South of Port-au-Prince Lake there is the big dead fish, huge bank smelled the acrid, in the total amount of dead fish has exceeded 100,000 pounds within a month.
The morning of April 22, world natural heritage area of Guangdong Shaoguan baiyutiao dead fish floating on the danxia mountain Jinjiang, gull, hawks circling in the water from time to time, countless birds were poisoned dead fish in the River, villagers picked up 3,000 pounds of dead fish within an hour, the insider said the fish end up trafficked into the market.
On March 3, Sanya, Hainan, large area of dead fish on the River, has begun rots and sent off a terrible odor and suspected to be caused by pollution, and there is no time to clean up.
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Lightning ignites fire at Bolivar crude oil facility


Lightning ignited a fire Thursday at a crude oil storage facility on the Bolivar Peninsula, a Galveston County spokesman said.
The fire at Impact Systems storage facility was reported at 7:13 a.m.  and firefighters from Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, High Island and Galveston had extinguished it with foam before 11 a.m., county spokeswoman Brittany Rainville said.
The fire at the end of North Monkhouse Drive temporarily closed the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, which was reopened after the fire was extinguished, Rainville said.
Rainville  said the lightning struck an oil storage tank that had been unused for four years.
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Gas Explosion Injures 7 At A Music Festival In Belgium

Gas Explosion

A gas cylinder explosion near a music festival in eastern Belgium has injured seven concertgoers, local media reported Tuesday
The gas cylinder fell over at a camp at the festival site, causing a flash fire, according to the national De Standard daily.

A press statement on the festival’s website said five people were taken to nearby hospitals and two others were treated on site.


“No one is in mortal danger,” the statement read.


The annual Pukkelpop festival was held in the capital of Belgium’s Limburg province of Hasselt.

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Train derails injuring many in Northern Cape, South Africa

Video thumbnail for Prasa under fire after train derailment
A Prasa Afro 4000 train travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town derailed just before midnight as it passed through Kimberley, close to Modder River, in the Northern Cape.
Gordon Moncho, CEO of the Kimberley Hospital, confirmed that they treated several passengers for minor injuries.
“All the patients that we saw have been released, save for one, who was kept for observation,” Moncho told
News24 reported that the train driver was slightly hurt and the assistant train driver was critically injured.
The Afro 4000 locomotives cost Prasa R600-million. The 13 trains, procured from a Spanish manufacturer, were reported to be the incorrect height for the country’s rail lines.
Prasa’s own engineers reportedly warned the agency that these trains were prone to derailment.
Prasa confirmed the incident and said officials were on the scene.
This developing story will be updated as more details emerge.
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