170,000 lbs of fish have died in a reservoir in Jiangxi, China

In the morning, Jiangxi qianshan reservoir horizontal source he Kou Zhen Yu Cun, farmers Wang Dongxian family during a visit to the reservoir the dam has fish die in succession. To 9th, the reservoir fish kills around 170,000 pounds, losing about 700,000 yuan (RMB). Wang Dongxian suspected to have been poisoned, police did not respond.
According to mainland media reports, he Kou Zhen Yu Cun horizontal source reservoir, a large number of dead fish floating in the water, Wang Dongxian family suffered huge losses.
Event triggered netizens guessing. The Netizen said, poisoning is unlikely, so much water, pesticides have tens of thousands of dollars to buy, who so much enmity; some netizens speculate, may also be hot in summer, fish smothered easily hypoxia; others said there may have been poisoned, a bottle of medicine can solve.
Otherwise many Internet users expressed concern that so many dead fish and fish, if market into the table, that’s terrible.
To 2015, the city has a reservoir had as many dead fish.
In July 2015, Anhui “sauce Lake” event sound does not, one of the major lakes in Wuhan City of Hubei Province South of Port-au-Prince Lake there is the big dead fish, huge bank smelled the acrid, in the total amount of dead fish has exceeded 100,000 pounds within a month.
The morning of April 22, world natural heritage area of Guangdong Shaoguan baiyutiao dead fish floating on the danxia mountain Jinjiang, gull, hawks circling in the water from time to time, countless birds were poisoned dead fish in the River, villagers picked up 3,000 pounds of dead fish within an hour, the insider said the fish end up trafficked into the market.
On March 3, Sanya, Hainan, large area of dead fish on the River, has begun rots and sent off a terrible odor and suspected to be caused by pollution, and there is no time to clean up.
Courtesy of epochtimes.com

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