Sea birds and dolphins washing up dead, ‘dying of hunger’ in La Libertad, Peru

Otra consecuencia. Aves siguen muriendo de hambre.
It is not the first time that this happens but now has greater security of what is causing it. Some Pelicans and dead dolphins were found yesterday in the shores of the sea of Huanchaco and Salaverry, Trujillo.
Seabirds died due to lack of food by the absence of species such as tuna, mackerel, mackerel and anchovy, a result of the presence of the El Niño phenomenon.
The biologist and Professor at the National University of Trujillo Carlos Bocanegra confirmed that pelicans died for lack of food, since with the warming of the sea marine species tend to move to other areas of the ocean to take refuge in cold water.
“Definitely there is a direct relationship between the child and the death of these species,” said.
He indicated that the temperature of the sea in this winter should be between 16 and 17 degrees, but due to El Niño reaches 20 degrees. “In the summer the temperature could reach 25 degrees by El Niño”, he warned.
Inhabitants of the spas in the Huanchaco and Salaverry asked the municipal authorities make the pick up of the remains of pelicans and dead dolphins that find themselves stranded on the beach, for being a danger to the health of bathers.
A similar phenomenon occurred in 2012 in almost all of the coastal liberteno.
A similar situation occurred along the coast of Lambayeque and Chimbote during 2013.
Pelicans, boobies and dolphins in large numbers were killed along the beaches. At the time of the sea of the Peru Institute attributed the fact
the lack of food.
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