Train derails injuring many in Northern Cape, South Africa

Video thumbnail for Prasa under fire after train derailment
A Prasa Afro 4000 train travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town derailed just before midnight as it passed through Kimberley, close to Modder River, in the Northern Cape.
Gordon Moncho, CEO of the Kimberley Hospital, confirmed that they treated several passengers for minor injuries.
“All the patients that we saw have been released, save for one, who was kept for observation,” Moncho told
News24 reported that the train driver was slightly hurt and the assistant train driver was critically injured.
The Afro 4000 locomotives cost Prasa R600-million. The 13 trains, procured from a Spanish manufacturer, were reported to be the incorrect height for the country’s rail lines.
Prasa’s own engineers reportedly warned the agency that these trains were prone to derailment.
Prasa confirmed the incident and said officials were on the scene.
This developing story will be updated as more details emerge.
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