Large explosion in Los Angeles knocks LogMeIn’s British customers offline

Explosion Alert

An explosion in Los Angles last night triggered a power blackout and data centre outage, which led to a knock-on impact for UK customers of LogMeIn today, who were left unable to access remote desktop services, The Register can reveal.
The explosion in a Los Angeles high rise hospitalised two people and caused a power blackout in the city. The incident affected several ISPs and impacted remote desktop company LogMeIn’s primary data centres, a spokesman from the company said.
The power outage also affected a Shania Twain concert during a performance of ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’. A secondary power source kicked in within five minutes.
UK customer Rob Lee got in touch to say the service had been offline for several hours today:
Today we are currently into the fourth hour of an outage of LogMeIn Central, leaving us with no ability to login or use our Logmein Central account and no word from LogMeIn as to what is wrong when it will be fixed.
For us it’s a nightmare as I am having to visit customers to tackle issues which would normally be solved in minutes by colleagues remotely.
Lee added: “It’s surprising that the outage only affected Shania Twain for a few minutes, perhaps Logmein should get some backup advice from her.”
However, the problem appears to have been resolved in within the last hour (as of 14:30 BST).
A spokesman from LogMeIn said: “We began a roll over to our other global data centre immediately. This was the cause of the disruption for some customers. It is now resolved.”
The company said in a tweet at 14:06: “Full connectivity is now restored following an outage in one of our primary data centers. Apologies for any disruption this may have caused.” 
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