Snow strikes very early and takes all by surprise in Alberta, Canada

Snow Alert

The calendar may indicate that the end of summer is nigh, but signs of winter have come a little too early as far as the people of Alberta are concerned
A cool airmass has settled over parts of western Canada, behind a passing low that is bringing active weather to the Prairies through the weekend.
Higher elevations, particularly through the Rockies, were the first areas to see snow. Images of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper were among the first being shared on social media early in the afternoon.
But there was still significant snowfall at lower points along the foothills, in and around Calgary. Temperatures in the city dropped down to just 4°C in the late afternoon hours.
Frost advisories were issued around 3:30 p.m. MDT on Friday, stretching from the foothills up into the most northerly parts of the province. Some areas could see temperatures at or below the freezing point through the overnight hours under calm, clear skies.
Safe to say, reactions to the unseasonable sight of falling snow have mixed, with a definite lean towards the woeful.
But alas Albertans, all hope is not lost. Conditions are expected to recover beginning Saturday, with seasonal temperatures and drier weather returning early next week.
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