Masses of dead fish and shellfish wash ashore on beaches in Comacchio, Italy

Fish Kill Alert

n the coast the last few hours, Comacchio and Goro days ago, you are seeing a phenomenon that is causing a die-off of fish and shellfish. Technicians are already working.
Canolicchi, but also dead fish in riva dei lidi di Pomposa and chess. A similar die-off since days is registering with clams in Goro. It is the phenomenon that is happening on the coast, which Comacchio caused by lack of oxygen in the water.
The scorching these days would be warming up the Adriatic Sea, very calm and warm, and anoxia, lack of oxygen, causing mass deaths of fish and clams. There would then pollution. Explain it is Arpa Emilia-Romagna, which monitors the situation.
About lidos also tourists and viewers of Telestense have reported die-offs of fish and shellfish, especially razor clams, in addition to blooms of algae that stain red-brown waters. The algae occur mostly in that part of the coast near the Po, then decreased further South.
The stranding was due to a lack of oxygen in the water, a ‘ oxygen ‘ crisis caused by the scorching heat of recent days, which resulted in increased water temperature, with peaks above 35 degrees. The calm sea, with the consequent stagnation of water, has helped to aggravate the problem. The phenomenon, already happened in the past, “says harp, not derived from pollutants.
It was in fact already happened on the Comacchio beaches in 2013 and now affects especially Pomposa and the Sacca di Goro (in which to be affected are the clams). The harp and the Daphne Institute of Cesenatico are already proceeding to inspections and taking samples constantly monitoring the situation.
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