8 sea lions, 6 pelicans and 1 dolphin found dead, ‘starving, no food’ along coast of Trujillo, Peru

Murieron en la orilla. (Alan Benites)
They died on the shore. (Alan Benites)
The El Niño phenomenon is beginning to wreak havoc among marine species in the North of the country. As was reported, eight sea lions appeared dead among the trujillanos spas in Buenos Aires and Huanchaco.
Added to this are the six Pelicans and dolphins which appeared in the same conditions, a week ago, in this same area. Carlos Bocanegra, biologist at the National University of Trujillo, said that This is due to the warming of the sea, causing shortage of anchovy, staple food of birds and marine mammals.
“This resource has migrated to the South. For this reason, birds and sea lions, here in the North, do not have what to eat and reach the shore of the sea in search of food. ” We’re on the El Niño phenomenon, in the coming months there will be more deaths of this type”, warned.
He added that another problem identified is that some sea lions, in their eagerness to find it food, they break the nets of fishermen, who, in revenge, kill them beating them up. The specialist said that, according to international agencies, we are facing an extraordinary child who will hit with heavy rains until March 2016.
Courtesy of peru21.pe

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