5,000 dead fish wash ashore in Buenaventura, Colombia

Fish Kill Alert

In the Bellavista district of the municipality of Buenaventura in Valle del Cauca, were found close to 5 thousand fish ‘carduma’ dead, then that it arose one falls in the tide last Thursday.
There is concern within the community, because strong odors from the decomposition of fish have begun to affect nearby homes, and there is no clarity that may be contaminated water.
As explained by Nicolás Andrade, one of the inhabitants of the area to RCN Radio, “they come with clean water, then as the water is polluted die.” Now there is trash in the estuaries, not that fish anyone consumed by that.
Furthermore the Mayor Herminia Narvaez environmental Technical Director, said that the entity sent a chemical engineer to the area for signs of water and determine the mass of fish, to death according to the locals is not the first time that it occurs.
Among the possible causes of the death of the fish is although it is expected that in six days to know the results of the tests that determine the causes of massive fish.
Courtesy of elespectador.com

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