Thousands of cattle dead due to flooding in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ganado afectado por el desborde del río Salado. FOTO: Facebook.
Won affected by the overflow of the Salado River. Photo: Facebook
The intense temporary that struck until last week to much of the province of Buenos Aires, with up to 400 mm fallen in some areas, led to several towns and villages were, literally, under water. The hectares and the flooded rural settlements are counted by thousands, while the roads became impassable.
In this context, not only the crops were affected: producers ensure that is still difficult to estimate the amount of lost cattle, although they have them for hundreds, even thousands.
Today the area of the rio Salado lives the worst consequences. Abundant rains in the parties located in the high basin made its flow to grow uncontrollably and “sepultara” under the waters to cities and entire villages. The peak of the flood, which days ago threatened Roque Pérez, you are now near General Belgrano, one of the most vulnerable villages between route 29 and the mouth of the River at the Samborombón Bay, reported the Dayportal. He is expected that the ‘wave’ in the coming hours. Therefore the place works hard to return higher earthwork that demarcates the course.
Gustavo Vallejo, beekeeper of General Belgrano, lost nearly a hundred hives with the floodwaters. “He grew up at a speed that did not give time to anything: last Sunday when I went to the field to review some beehives had water halfway through the boot.” The next morning, when I returned to move them, I already reached the crotch; so I put the drawers above a few machines as to a meter and a half floor thinking that water wasn’t going to ever get up there. “Yesterday warned me that they were no longer more: at this point these bees should already go Samborombón Bay”, counted.
However, for what happened was “just a grain of sand in the middle of all that was lost”. “There are a lot cattle dead, because the sheep once wet and cool already are not saved; and many cows water grabbed them just in time of calving. But there was also plenty of pastures sown in fields that were submerged. Therefore, although draining fast, is going to spend a lot of time until we can recover”, said the producer.
For him, who lived three major floods in this place, this is “without doubt the greatest since built Defense Ricardo Calegari in 1992”, embankment to protect the city of extraordinary floods and that today is inches from being exceeded.
If you see the area from the air, the original course of the Salado is difficult to locate. What you see is a sort of “delta”, with islets in which cattle that escaped from the waters takes refuge.
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