Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Vyborg, Russia

Photo: villagers Soviet
On the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the area of the village Soviet Vyborg region 28 August recorded massive Mohr fish. Village administration denies that it may be associated with the work of pulp and paper mill “Vyborgskaya cellulose”, and the police are talking about pragmatic murder.
Several thousand corals washed to shore on the morning of August 28 rybin found fishermen informed the head of Vladimir Vysotsky 47news rural settlement Sergey Rogov, on whose territory appeared dead fish. “They say that went to sleep and woke up in the morning and saw this” happiness “. And different fish-perch, bream, small bream, pike perch. This is strange, because if MOR from illness, he covers one kind. I have no versions. I how many in the area I live, but I do not remember. Now in place works, my Deputy. Will understand. “
Residents of the village Soviet, bordering the spot discards, suspect that it could poison waste pulp and paper mill JSC Vyborgskaya cellulose “, which is located in the village.
“Discards happened August 27. And yesterday, 28, plant security guards removed the vengeance effects “, said resident Soviet 47news Anna.
“You know, that’s weird. The Administration was in no way informed us that NASKnly is dangerous there and fish that eat, “shared concerns with local resident 47news resident Olga.
Head of administration of the Soviet rural settlement Andrey Nekrasov proved to be aware of the situation. MOR occurred in the Gulf, on the territory of the coastal islands. In my opinion, the plant here. He now produces mainly fuel pellets (biofuel from waste wood-ed.), and there’s no hazardous waste. There are also paper machine, but its functioning nor does it imply the use of hazardous substances, said Nekrasov. -Nevertheless, the combine ordered environmental review. In the know and FEMA, and consumer rights and the police “.
In the Leningrad region reported by EMERCOM 47news that rescue workers visited the site. “Visible signs of contamination were found. dministraciâ should clean up their own fish. And the Russian took orbrazcy fish for analysis, “the press service said. In From, in connection with the weekend comment could not be obtained. Phones JSC Vyborgskaya cellulose “also did not respond.
The head of the regional branch of Greenpeace Dmitry Artamonov, who has got acquainted with incident from 47news, suggested the discharge of wastewater. “Mohr may be linked to two factors — natural disasters, when, for example, the spring fish dies from lack of oxygen and pollution. I’m still inclined to assume that MOR comes from sewage, “shared his thoughts Artamonov. And he added: “the production of Cellulose is very rich in toxic waste”.
Law enforcement agencies expressed an alternative view. “There is a version that it suppressed the fishermen fish and fine then just thrown overboard or not steel fish”.
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