Tropical Storm Henri Threatens To Lash UK

National Hurricane Center map of Henri
Henri is moving across the Atlantic. Pic: National Hurricane Center
Tropical Storm Henri could batter Britain next week, bringing strong winds and a deluge of rain.
Henri is currently off the coast of North America but will move northeastwards over the weekend – potentially bringing the UK some wild weather.
It all comes down to how it interacts with the jet stream, said Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson.
“The remnants of Tropical Storm Henri will move towards Europe next week, potentially reaching the UK by the middle of the week.
“This area of low pressure will contain tropical air and could produce a lot of rain, but it’s exact state and movement is still very uncertain.
“It all depends on its interaction with the jet stream along the way.
“If the jet stream is south enough, it could invigorate the low pressure system, bringing stormy conditions. However, if the jet stream has a more northerly track then it’ll have little interaction and won’t amount to much more than a wet and blustery autumn day.
“It’s not unusual to see the remnants of tropical storms over the UK at this time of the year.”
Henri is the eighth storm of the Atlantic hurricane season – a tropical storm is one level below hurricane classification, with winds of up to 73mph.
Courtesy of Sky News

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