Hundreds (maybe thousands) of dead fish found floating on a lake in Missouri, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A fish kill in Benton County left hundreds of fish dead. Nathan Manning was feeding his cows one day when he noticed dead fish floating in his fish pond.
“Oh, there’s thousands,” Manning said on Thursday.  “I saw all the fish on the top of the water and some of them were dead and there were some still kind of swimming on their side and stuff.”
He contacted the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Conservation but he says they couldn’t tell him what killed the fish.
“They said they didn’t really now what caused it for sure.  They thought it was low oxygen level but I don’t think they test for a lot  of different things,” said Manning.
Manning’s pond covers about six or seven acres and was once home to hundreds, but now most of those fish, both big and small, are dead.
“There’s bluegill and catfish and bass; I found a lot of them and I found some goldfish, too — somebody must have turned them in there at one point — but they were dead as well,” said Manning.
Now Manning and his family hope they can get some answers and save some of his fish.
The City of Lincoln says its water quality is checked every two weeks at its waste water lagoon that sits on an adjacent property to Manning’s land, and it tested safe, but Manning is still waiting to hear the results of the Department of Conservation’s water quality test.
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