Massive die off of fish along 2km of river, ‘a mystery’ in Hefei, China

Nanfeihe River in Hefei suddenly emerged in recent days a large number of dead fish, dead fish on the water over two kilometers. According to local staff of the various departments, this time called the South feihe River one of the most serious “the dead fish floating corpse.”
Crews on the ground, from the Hefei port when the ship pulled out after 1 km to the Southeast, you will see dead fish floating in the water, followed by two more kilometers more and more. Next to the boat dock on the shore, also piled up hundreds of dead fish, when the central part of the abdomen is black. Waters is dead fish almost completely occupied, cargo ships sailing as “split” on “dead fish” ahead.
According to the number of relevant staff in the local said, this may be called worst mass nanfeihe River fish kill. The staff, the dead fish appeared in the 5th and as late as the morning of 6th night, but these days the temperature stable water hypoxia problem should not exist. Earlier, river waters concerned earlier rust temporarily any causal relationship between the unknown. At present, the authorities are still investigating the source of mass fish kill.
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