Large amount of dead fish washes ashore in a reservoir in Qingdao, China

Fish Kill Alert
Recently, jimo Song Huaquan reservoir continue to die in public float to the shore, this situation has been going on for a long time. Fish stacked on the shore, have not been cleared up, many have been emitting a stench, and these fish are stocked in the reservoir. After reporters learned from the Song Huaquan, jimo, reservoir management, because the water level continues to fall, hypoxia leads to fish kills.
“Yesterday, I was back home, drop by the reservoir has a circle, see, gave me a jump, the shore is full of floating dead fish, could have thirty or forty centimeters along the dam to the West, is more than a kilometre. “Recently, the hometown in jimo Song Huaquan Reservoir near the Sun reflect it to the newspaper, Song Huaquan reservoir dam on the edge of a lot of dead fish, many have started to rot, and seems to have been dead for a long time, but the accumulation of so many fish on the shore, but no one came to clean up.
On September 10, journalists also came to Mr Suen mentioned place, walked up the slope from the South side of the dam, first see only scattered small fish, when it was close to the surface of the North, more and more dead fish appear in front, and also some small, big enough to have thirty or forty centimeters long, have washed up on the shore.
On the edge of the dam, reporters encountered strolling near the village to the villagers, one uncle, told reporters, “to come around to see alive to carry home. “Villagers told reporters that” the reservoir has been contracted out, contracting of many fish are stocked inside. ”
On September 11, the journalist, contacted Song Huaquan reservoir management, the management is responsible for the day-to-day management of the reservoir. Administration Deputy Director Wang after understanding the situation: “we arranged to clean up since early September, probably only caught fish out of the water, not removed. We can arrange as soon as possible. “Due to the small size of the reservoir, and also undertakes the functions of water supply, Administration Deputy Director Wang:” on or about August 10, we had to stop water supply, because the water level drops well pumping, so dead fish will not have an impact on water quality, fish kills can occur because the recent drop in water level of the reservoir. ”
Reservoir contract matters, the reporter also contacted Zhang Fangyi Song Huaquan reservoir management Director, explained: “beside the reservoir before contracting to Li Jia Ling village, and there is no charge, as long as they can help with day care or two reservoirs and dams. Inside the stocking are silver carp and Hualian, these species are primarily the algae in the water, there are water purification effect. ”
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