1,200 pigs dead due to swine fever in Sucre, Colombia

Swine Flu Alert

ICA declares quarantine in nine municipalities and a corregimiento, where may not exit or enter swine. Losses by $100 million.
As it was not the case 15 years ago, Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario ICA said the quarantine in nine municipality and a corregimiento by the death of a thousand 200 pigs for classical swine fever in Sucre.
Municipalities in quarantine for the disease are: San Benito Abad, San Marcos, Majagual, Guaranda, Sucre, Since, Galeras, Corozal and Betulia, in addition to the corregimiento of Canutalito in sheep.
“Quarantine is that municipalities in mention animals cannot enter or leave the premises where they are to avoid spreading the virus to other departments such as Cordoba and Antioquia,” said Sierra.
He said that the Institute professionals and members of the society of pork producers are doing mass vaccinations in the places where to inform them that there are sick animals in order to prevent it from spreading.
The plague is no longer a loss between pork traders – who are mostly peasants and low-income people – 100 million pesos.
“This is a serious and fatal disease that only gives the pigs or other animals and even human beings, however a control becomes so consumed a safe meat and in this sense an animal having swine meat does not qualify best for human consumption,” said the Manager of the ICA in Sucre , Ivan Sierra Martinez.
He clarified that the treatment of this disease is not preventative healing, is a virus that attacks the mobility of the animal and ends up dying in a few days.
“The transmission of the plague is throughout the environment, a pig that is infected when comes in contact with another that is not vaccinated, immediately can transmit disease.” Sick pigs have petechiae on the body and the days are without mobility and die,”said Sierra.
The ICA in Sucre became a new census and there are 120 thousand pigs of which 5% brings together the technical and sanitary conditions. The remaining population is bred in backyards or in the streets where there is no effective control for this species.
“The vulnerability is very high because they do not meet all hygienic requirements, however, have some herds”
“That comply with controls,” said
From 15 years ago were not similar diagnoses in Sucre, but in April of this year came to be known first episode at San Benito Abad.
The swine fever in Sucre, Jasper Ortega market, project leader said that the plague arrived from southern Bolivar through illegal traders who transport them without full of requirements in canoes, bikes, trucks and on foot.
Courtesy of elheraldo.co

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