Heat wave in Tshwane, flooding in the Cape, South Africa

Severe Weather Alert

Tshwane Emergency Services (TES) and the City of Tshwane have warned the metro’s residents of soaring temperatures due to a passing heat wave.
TES Spokesperson Johan Pieterse warned residents that the excessive hot weather could result in heat exhaustion, which could be life-threatening, reports News24. 
TES has since released a statement warning vulnerable groups of people who may be severely affected by the heat to take the necessary precautions. Children, people with respiratory diseases, the elderly, people with disabilities and people suffering from epilepsy should all be carefully monitored during the hot conditions, TES warned. 
Vanetia Phakula for the South African weather services explained heat wave conditions to Traveller24 saying, “When maximum temperatures surpass the average maximum temperatures for three consecutive days, we have a heat wave”. 
Despite it being early spring, Phakula said the weather conditions were “not unusual” though. 
While Tshwane battles the heat, the Western Cape and southern coast are experiencing opposite conditions. 
SA Weather services warned of heavy rain fall, which may lead to flooding along the Eden District in the Garden Route, with the possibility of it spreading to Storms River on Wednesday afternoon. 
In addition to the cold, wet conditions in the Cape, monstrous waves have also caused havoc due to the recent supermoon in SA.
Courtesy of traveller24.news24.com

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