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Large fish kill in a river in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Fish Kill Alert

An investigation is under way after a number of fish were killed in a river in County Antrim.
It happened at Three Mile Water, near Mossley Mill, in Newtownabbey.
A local angling group said hundreds of trout and salmon were affected.
The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) said the fish kill was being classed as “moderate. It is investigating the cause.
In a statement, the NIEA said it was alerted on Tuesday after receiving a water pollution report from Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.
It said a water quality inspector “was able to quickly confirm the presence of a significant number of dead fish”.
“From his initial investigation, the river was noted to be running visibly clear with no signs or odours of untreated sewage or agricultural effluents which are often associated with impact on fisheries,” a spokesman said.
Water samples were taken away for testing to confirm if a chemical pollutant caused the fish kill.
Andrew Moore of Three Mile Water Conservation and Angling Association said what happened was a mystery at this stage.
“If you’re looking at the river, you wouldn’t realise that it’s polluted – apart from the dead fish, it’s completely clear and there’s no smell,” he said.
“That’s what has us baffled, and I understand it has the Environment Agency baffled too.”
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10+ TONS of fish have died in fish farms in Khon Kaen, Thailand

29 g’s. Raisers fish cages in Phong. At home in a faint manner. Nong Toom. Muang Khon Kaen. Suffered heavily due tilapia farmed in floating cages than 400 dead turtle weighing more than 10 tons.
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Hundreds of dead walruses found on a beach near Point Lay in Alaska, USA

In Alaska, it has attracted attention that in the past week have found hundreds of dead walruses on a beach area in the northwestern part of Alaska. 
The discovery of the many dead animals occurs in an area near Point Lay, where one in early September observed up to 35,000 walruses that had gone on shore.
The American environmental authorities stress that they do not believe the many dead walruses were shot by people. It is rather the result of a panikløb in attacks from polar bears or other stressors, writes CBS News.
Walruses, gathered in large flocks, panic and end up ramming each other to death. And it is far the US environmental authorities believe happened.
Indirectly, the background climate change with less sea ice, which has greatly changed walrus living conditions and means that it has become harder for the animals to find food on the sea floor.
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Massive die off of fish along the coast of Kulon Progo in Indonesia

Many Dead Fish, Sea Water Samples Test KLH and Carcasses Fish
Officer Office of the Environment (MOE) Kulonprogro down the field to identify any contamination or not in the area of Laguna Beach Glagah, Monday (09/28/2015).
The move comes after thousands of fish died in the waters of the region.
Kasi Monitoring and Control KLH Kulonprogro, Rin Dwari Widiastuti, said the case is still under investigation. So far, it has not been able to ascertain the cause of death of thousands of fish were dead.
“We take seawater samples and dead fish for laboratory testing of materials. While we do not dare to speculate why it happened,” he said, Monday (09/28/2015).
Case of death of thousands of fish in the waters of the tourist area mainstay Kulonprogro seen since Friday last week.
Difficulty detecting the cause directly, KLH and then bring the samples to the Center of Engineering Environmental Health and Disease Control (BBTKLPP) Yogyakarta.
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Hundreds of kilos of fish dying every day due to drought in Musi Rawas, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Drought makes a number of farmers and entrepreneurs go bankrupt. As experienced Smith (30), a fish pond in the village entrepreneurs Ketuan, District Ketuan I, Musi Rawas.
He said the outages this dry season, the flow of water from the irrigation pond to fish obstructed. As a result, many fish that died suddenly.
“Since two months ago to the present, or rather the dry season, the fish belong to us this every day die in one day can be 100 to 200 kg,” said Smith, Monday (09/28/2015).
He added that since the drought hit the region in August and September 2015 the losses continue to grow. Drought increasingly making dry irrigation.
Smith also said that obstructed the flow of water to make the circulation of oxygen in fish ponds is not smooth. It interferes with the fish breathing.
“If all this water that we take advantage breathing heavily so the fish are not disturbed. Since dry water, river aliaran pernapasannyapun also disturbed and disrupted,” he said.
With so many fish that died this, he hopes that the government could tackle the dry irrigation.
While the Government Development Section Assistant II Musi Rawas Saiful said it had received reports on public complaints related to the interrupted water from irrigation. In the near future irrigation officer will review it.
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Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in a lake in Edirne, Turkey

Fish Kill Alert

Çobançeşme Village Headman in the pond Soner Running’s description – in the pond in Çobançeşme thousands of fish to the shore struck Kashan thousands of ponds in the township Çobançeşme village dead fish ashore vurdu.çobançeş the Village Headman Soner Running, AA said in a statement to reporters, in village pond is used for irrigation Since 1981 he lived at the same time thousands of fish in söyledi.gölet citizens weekends fish is caught telling Running, “Irrigation had water discharge chimney shaft at the pond. Therefore occurred disruptions in irrigation activities. In the drained pond fish because thirst perished. The dead fish hit the shore for the most part and the majority of the dead under the mud, “he konuştu.s the surface of the big fish nationals of manually collecting the transfer Kosan, they reported fish mortality authorities and noted that measures would be taken.
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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Ankara, Turkey

Again, Fish Mortality in Lake Mogan
Ankara’s fish deaths occurring each year in Lake Mogan, in the county has continued this year. Pollution and methane gas explosion occurred as a result hundreds of dead fish in the lake hit the shore. 
Views about the mass fish deaths every year we are accustomed to seeing in the Mogan Lake did not change this year. Mogan Lake coast and hundreds of silver carp fry were filled with the dead.
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***BE ALERT***


Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Guapiacu, Brazil

Centenas de peixes apareceram mortos nos rios São Domingos e Turvo (Foto: Osmir Gomes/TV TEM)
Hundreds of fish were found dead in the rivers Santo Domingo and Cloudy (Photo: Gomes Osmir / TEM TV)
Technical Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (CETESB) analyze the water from the São Domingos and turbid rivers to discover the cause of death of hundreds of fish. Sunday (27), many fish were found dead in Turvo river stretch that passes through Guapiaçu. There were several species, especially mandis. Fishermen who went to the scene saw many fish dying on the surface and were outraged.
The first sample of water was taken from the river Santo Domingo, on Thursday (24), when the Cetesb received a complaint that the animals were dead. At the time, they made the technical analysis of the oxygen from the water and saw he was low, but still do not know the cause.
Technical Cetesb were driven back to collect water sample from the River Dim, but believe that these fish are the São Domingos and that, because of the rain, they descended to the Turvo. The Cetesb have not found the cause of the destruction.
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Record heatwave strikes Sydney, Australia

Record High Temperatures

While Sunday’s sweltering heat attracted tens of thousands to Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach for a temporary retreat, many found themselves leaving the beach in the back of an ambulance from dangerous drug and alcohol consumption.
Ambulance NSW treated the 30,000 beach goers for drug and alcohol intoxication as well as chest pain and have urged the public to ‘stay safe’ for the remainder of the long weekend.
‘Alcohol intoxication presents an added workplace danger for our paramedics, often prompting physical, verbal assaults such as kicking, biting, spitting and verbal abuse’ NSW Ambulance Inspector Jordan Emery said in a statement.
NSW residents have been warned to stay out of the sun as much as possible, with temperatures forecast to reach 35 degrees in parts of the state on Monday and Tuesday.
Hundreds of beach-goers shared snaps on social media of their Bondi Beach experience on Sunday, many with a beer in hand.
However, Ambulance NSW shared their own shots, with one showing paramedics stretchering away a woman from the beach. 
‘We tally our own score on ‪#‎grandfinal‬ day. Usually it’s a high number of people injured, or an increase in paramedics assaulted,’ they shared on their Facebook page. 
‘If celebrating or commiserating tonight, be safe. Be respectful. Know your limits.’ 
This comes ahead of the NRL grand final with more than 82,000 expected to attend the sporting event at Sydney Olympic Park that will see the Cowboys and Broncos square off for the 2015 premiership.
‘As with all major events, alcohol is inevitably a major factor whether fans are celebrating or drowning their sorrows we’d urge them to do so responsibly,’ Inspector Emery said.
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