Thousands of dead fish found in a reservoir in Lugo, Spain

A spectacular fish fauna mortality was detected during the last weekend at the mouth of the river of Porcos , in Grandas reservoir in the municipality of Lugo Negueira Muniz . Fishermen in the area described the dramatic situation and ensure that there are tons of dead fish. So much so that, due to heat in some areas has already begun to be felt yesterday a foul smell. The regional government says the problem affects the neighboring community of Asturias .
The complaints of neighbors alerted during the last weekend Protection Service of the Civil Guard (SEPRONA) of the command of Lugo. The patrol rushed to the scene several times, particularly at the mouth of that river and also the Spaniard in Ibias. They found that, indeed, there were thousands of dead birds, especially bream and trout.
Official sources said that the guards reported the situation to the agents of Environment serving the area and that they deal with the situation were made in order to investigate the causes and report what happened.
Environment of the Xunta de Galicia reported yesterday that the provincial service Lugo learned of the slaughter, but the action was taken by Asturian guards because they understand that the case was registered in the reservoir area of Grandas , belonging to the jurisdiction of the neighboring community. The dam straddles Asturias and Galicia.
The regional government said they were taken water samples for bacteriological analysis . The results thereof may know the causes that led to this ecological disaster. According to data collected by Environment mortality only affected the bream (some neighbors also reported the existence of trout) making rule out the existence of dumping of some highly polluting product. Say from the regional government that if it were any chemicals would have affected primarily to trout and cyprinids species considered more sensitive. In any case, from the Environment they indicated that they were awaiting the results of the analytical, both in regard to the bacteriological and virological parameters to intervene if necessary.
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