Dozens, possibly hundreds of dead birds found in Nashville, USA

Dozens of dead birds were discovered all over a west Nashville church ground’s property Thursday morning.
The birds scattered Highland Park Church’s parking lot, sidewalks and roof.
Church members, animal lovers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services were all called to the property after the discovery was made.
“We pulled into the parking lot and all over the place there were little green things coming. The birds were on their way down from Canada. It was a sea of green on the ground and asphalt with green spots on it,” church member Greg Levenduski said.
According to Tarcila Fox of the Nashville Ornithological Society, the birds were migrating south.
“I’m sad. I am very sad,” Fox said. “That just shows there were a lot of birds migrating last night.”
Due to the overcast conditions Wednesday night, the birds likely flew into a transmission tower near the church.
“I’m afraid it’s happening more often. Not only is this happening here but it’s happening all over the USA and these migrating birds are decreasing in numbers,” Fox said.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents said they recommend anyone that comes across dead birds to call local wildlife experts and not handle them because it is possible they have come into contact with poison that could harm humans.
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