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Die off of water birds ‘a mystery’ in Lake Garda, Italy

Mysterious die-off of waterfowl on the coast of the Benaco Bresciano. To communicate it is the provincial police of Brescia, who stressed that the causes of death of the birds remain unknown. One hypothesis is that a man may die of natural substances have been found in waters, as happened in the past. “At the invitation of the Chairman of a committee environmentalist, precise with natural substance we mean a substance not fed by man but still toxic, probably Botox. Botulinum toxin is one of the most powerful natural poisons in the world and, in fact, constitutes a source of food poisoning – said the provincial police commander Charles Caromani – The good news is that a toxin should self-destruct after a few hours. The toxin is released by algae in the presence of very high temperatures and in courses where the water tends to stagnate and then poor oxygen. If the water starts to flow starts to oxygenate surpassing the coverage of algae. In this way the virus botulinum dies because not resist the presence of 
oxygen. The same thing happens when the temperature drops ” . Last year, a similar phenomenon caused a series of rashes and irritations in different wetting.
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Masses of dead fish found in a river in Muara Ancalong, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Environmental Agency (BLH) Kutim check Senyiur River, in the village of Senyiur, Muara Ancalong, yesterday (5/10). That’s because the public reports in the form of pictorial photo dead fish in the river. Photos uploaded via the Facebook social networking then become a reference for conducting investigations and inspections.
According to officials of the Regional Environment (PPLHD) BLH Kutim Sundu Marlin, in the region there are PT SSS were set up processing plants Crude palm oil (CPO) or palm oil which is in operation since 2014. In May, BLH’ve checked Senyiur River and conditions are still safe ,
“But there are some recommendations that should be run PT SSS, especially regarding sewage treatment,” he said.
From these recommendations, BLH was doing further investigation on October 1, by calling the company. In fact up to now not responded. When contacted, the official in charge of the corporate environment has changed.
“There are allegations the company began unhealthy. Of information, officials replaced, “he said.
Marlin admitted did not make it because of the company’s affairs. The problem, if you do not heed the findings and recommendations BLH.
He also claimed to have information that a sudden a lot of dead fish in the river. “Hence today (yesterday, Red) we deployed a team to test the water quality and check whether the PT SSS has done on the results of May 5 or not,” he said.
Stressed, in the investigation, there are two things that are being targeted. Namely water quality samples that will prove whether contaminated or not. Second, check the PT SSS, related to the processing of waste if it has been doing well or not.
“If it was not, we could freeze while the company’s operations pending improved waste management processes in accordance with the applicable standards,” he said.
However, if ignored, could no sanction a reprimand to revocation of business licenses. “All the existing process. To be sure, if there is no improvement, BLH Kutim would recommend an enterprise license revoked. Of the operation but pollute the environment, “said M Fadli, Water and Air Pollution cation.
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Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in a lake in Ohio, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish are washing up on the shores of East Fork Lake in a fish kill so extensive it’s surprising even long-time fishermen.
“I didn’t expect to see this,” said Barry Jackson, who came to the lake with his fishing rod, “I’ve been fishing up here since 1992 and I haven’t seen anything quite like this before.”
Officials with The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said they have been monitoring the problem since last week.
“We are seeing a fish kill due to a phenomenon known as turnover,” said ODNR Fish Management Supervisor Debbie Walters.
Walters said “turnover” is a naturally occurring phenomenon and can become an issue in the spring and fall. It happens when the temperature of the warmer water on the top of a lake begins to match the colder deeper waters and the two mix.
The deep water has little to no oxygen. When low-oxygen water mixes with the oxygen-rich water where the fish live, those upper-level oxygen levels drop causing some fish stress and die.
Officials said fish need oxygen levels at about 4 ppm. ODNR checked the oxygen levels in the water last week and found them at 2.9 ppm.
“And unfortunately, the weather conditions just added to the end result.” Walters said.
Overcast, stormy weather dominated last week. Under those conditions plants in the water can’t create as much oxygen as normal. Windy conditions helped to mix the water causing a rapid onset of the “turnover” conditions.
Officials said not all of the fish will die and oxygen levels will begin returning to normal as the sunshine returns. Clear days are forecast most of this week.
Until the oxygen levels are closer to normal, the ODNR said don’t expect remaining fish to bite.
“I think I’m going to do more hiking than fishing today,” Jackson said.
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Tens of thousands of lobsters suddenly die off, ‘reason unknown’ in Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Ly Son islanders lose billions because farming lobster die-off
Over the past days, many lobster in the sea area in An Hai (Ly Son) suffered heavy losses, and faces bankruptcy as shrimp cage sudden unexplained death.
According to some farmers, the situation started dying lobsters occur 3-4 weeks ago, but only a few scattered in floating cages. But the past few days, many cases there was a daily cage shrimp died. On the one day less a cage 2-3, 4-6 children each day much.
Pham Thi Hai said, two weeks, day shrimp cage of the family also died 1-4. Dead shrimp weighing nearly 0.5 kg a child, with feeding time is over 6 months, with market prices 1.3-1.4 million dong per kg.
In addition to the money invested hundreds of million to floating cages; buy food … then each seed purchase cost an average drop of about 300,000 contracts. So the total amount of investment for a very large cages, approximately one billion. With the estimated number of dead shrimp on 10,000 children, only seed money Ly Son people have damage over 3 billion.
While no accurate conclusions about the causes of this situation, but in a number of professional staff of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quang Ngai province, possibly due to seed quality is not guaranteed, water parks the contaminated feed, improper care techniques … cause mortality lot in the last few days.
Immediately after the occurrence of mortality lot of unknown causes, on 3/10, Quang Ngai province has directed and delivered to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in collaboration with the district administration Ly Son test and find out the cause for treatment and prevention.
An ocean current customs areas, Ly Son has over 60 cages lobster and some fish.
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Typhoon Mujigae Causes Mayhem As It Hits China

12:18 </p> <p> China renews alert for typhoon Mujigae
One fisherman died and 16 were missing after the typhoon slammed into the coastal city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong, on Sunday afternoon.
Heavy rains have occurred in many parts of northern Vietnam in the wake of Typhoon Mujigae that battered the southern Chinese province of Guangxi on Sunday evening, the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting said.
Packing winds of 112 its center, Mujigae – “rainbow” in Korean – was moving northwest at around 12 m.p.h., the meteorological center said.
A typhoon bringing heavy rain churned inland through southern China on Monday, a day after making landfall, killing at least six people, injuring hundreds, knocking out power and overturning cars.
The suspension of ferries to Shenzhen has also left a few tourists stranded at the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, causing them to travel to Zhuhai before taking ferries back home. However, many tourist attractions on the popular resort island were forced to stay closed due to the impact of the typhoon.
Almost 200,000 people in southern China were evacuated before the typhoon hit close to the city of Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province.
At least seven people have been killed after a typhoon with winds in excess of 180km/h battered the coast of south China.
And 68 flights from and to the Haikou Meilan worldwide Airport were cancelled.
Meantime, the Philippine coast guard searched for 23 fishing boats with more than 120 fishermen lost when Mujigae hit the main island of Luzon.
Tens of thousands of workers have been put on standby in Guangdong to deal with any power cuts caused by the typhoon, Xinhua reported.
It made landfall in Guangdong province, the Global Times reported.
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Landslide kills one in southwestern Georgia

Landslide Danger Alert

One man died in a landslide in southwestern Georgia on Sunday.
The victim, 58 year old Otar Davitadze, was on night watch supervising machinery in an open pit mine when a landslide hit in the village Akhalsheni, Khelvachauri.
About 8,000 cubic meters of soil covered the area, and Davitadze was buried along with two mining machines.
A search was launched at 07:11am to try to clear away the mud. Before that, sappers cleared the area of explosives which had been used for mining work. One of the machines buried in soil was carrying explosives.
The Interior Ministry has launched an investigation about death due to negligence.
About 60 rescue workers were involved in the search, which lasted five hours.
Geologist Tariel Tuskia told after examining the site that there may be further landslides. About 200,000 cubic meters of soil was released, he told Interperssnews.
Locals have noticed cracks in the walls of their houses which they blame on the frequent explosions. They blame the tragedy on the mining work.
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Tropical Storm Nora expected to become a hurricane

Tropical Storm Nora is continuing to strengthen and is expected to become a hurricane by tonight, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said.
At 11 a.m., Nora was about 915 miles east-southeast of Hilo and moving west-northwest at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph.
Forecasters say Nora strengthen a bit through Monday into a hurricane and begin to weaken on Tuesday. A toward the northwest by late Monday through Tuesday is expected.
Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 60 miles, officials said.
Nora was the 14th tropical storm to form in the East Pacific this season.
Nora may bring some surf to east and south shores, but if the storm continues on its projected path, it doesn’t appear likely that there will be direct effects on Hawaii’s weather.
However, forecasters caution that the path and intensity of the storm could still change.
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Toxic chemical spill causes chaos near major UK airport in Liverpool, UK

Chemical Spill Alert

A a chemical spill at a factory in Cheshire is causing travel chaos, including traffic heading towards a major UK airport.
People living near Pentagon Fine Chemicals in Widnes have been told to close their doors and windows following a suspected Benzoyl Chloride spill.
Roads are closed in the area following the incident, which is affecting traffic travelling towards Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene around 4.20pm and currently has six fire engines in attendance as well as the incident command support unit.
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said: “As a precaution, people in the area are advised to keep doors and windows closed and to avoid roads in the area due to road closures.”
Early reports suggest there are no casualties and that there has been a spillage from a container on the perimeter of the factory site.
A spokesman for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said they understand the chemical is Benzoyl Chloride.
This is a colourless liquid with a pungent odour listed as hazardous because it releases poisonous gases in fire and can also cause irritation if breathed in.
Pentagon Fine Chemicals is a chemical manufacturing company.
A spokesman for the firm told the Liverpool Echo : “We are dealing with an on site incident. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service are in attendance.”
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Severe heatwave continues as emergency water tankers deployed in parts of South Africa

Heatwave Alert

Extra water tankers have been called in to supply more water since the severe heatwave hit Pretoria last week.
DA ward councillor Bronwyn Engelbrecht said on Sunday, that she had called in the assistance of three extra water tankers.
Engelbrecht said the five tankers were located in various areas in the east of Pretoria.
These tankers can be located  on the corner of Pat Dyer and Emus Erasmus avenues (Erasmusrand), Polaris and Koedoesnek avenues (Waterkloof Ridge x2), Neptune and Michelle streets (Waterkloof Ridge), Matroosberg and Sterlitzia roads (Waterkloof Heights) and Matroosberg and Nodela streets (Waterkloof Heights).
This comes after the Tshwane metro effected water restrictions on Friday.
Metro spokesperson Selby Bokaba said in a press statement the restrictions had to be effected due to the severe heatwave. He said the high demand for water resulted in reservoirs across the metro to operate from a very low level.  This had slowed down the pace at which the reservoirs filled up.
He said the restrictions will remain until further notice.
Sinoville residents were up in arms on Sunday, after a burst water pipe caused thousands of gallons of water to run down Zambesi Drive.
A Sinoville resident said Pretoria had been placed on water restrictions while water was allowed to flow freely down the road.
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Huge dust storm causes a vehicle pileup killing 7 south of Prosser, Washington, USA

Dust Storm Alert

An 8-month-old boy from Kennewick was killed and seven others injured in a chain collision during a dust storm south of Prosser early Saturday evening, the Washington State Patrol said.
The infant died at PMH Medical Center in Prosser after the 5:26 p.m. crash on State Route 221 near County Well Road.
The boy, who was not identified, was in a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan driven by Jamie M. Haren, 26, of Kennewick. Haren was not injured, but another passenger, an unidentified 7-year-old boy from Kennewick, was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Spokane.
Six others were injured and reportedly taken to area hospitals.
The State Patrol said Sunday that all seven vehicles were southbound about 11 miles south of Prosser when they collided because of limited visibility caused by a dust storm.
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