70 TONS of salmon die during lice treatment in Bremanger, Norway

Very serious event, “said the FSA after the loss of 70 tons of salmon. Authority has pointed out the violation after the incident, and ask the fish farming giant sharpen routines.
The incident occurred in the locality Gulestø in Bremerton. In location a total of 190,000 swam salmon. Almost nine percent died in the course of the findings from the treatment.
Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and one of the most common drugs used in the fight against too much lice on salmon. According to seafood Norway used the industry last year over 30,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide to keep the gate numbers down. It is four times more than the year before.
According to our information was the dosage right. The problem was too little oxygen in the water and too little throughput, said first Inspector Nina Manning in the Norwegian food safety authority. She alerts the supervision at the plant shortly.
Courtesy of sysla.no

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