Hundreds of dead fish found on a beach in Aracruz, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of peroás, typical fish of the Holy Spirit, were found dead in the beach sands of Barra do Riacho in Aracruz, in the state’s northern region, on Thursday (8). An environmentalist who passed by local registered images showing the fish in the stretch of sand.
Valdinei Tavares, who is also president of the Friends of the Barra do Riacho, said the peroás were seen at dawn and floating in the sea near where the river flows.
The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural and Renewable Resources (IBAMA) said it believes the deaths were caused by overfishing, but it will investigate the causes.
According to the environmental analyst Vinicius de Seixas Queiroz, an unofficial gathering was held and virtually excluded the possibility of contamination of fish. He said the agency will conduct a new site visit on Friday (9), to collect fish samples found.
In addition to the Barra do Riacho Beach, fish were found dead in Barra do Sahy and between Portocel and Jurong Shipyard Aracruz.
Courtesy of espirito-santo

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