Chemical spill causes immediate treatment to 77 pupils and 4 adults at Rio Seco School in Santee, USA

Chemical Spill Alert

A vapor cloud of chemical fumes sickened 77 school children and four adults on the campus of a school near San Diego Tuesday.
The fumes were likely produced by a chemical spill at the YMCA located approximately a quarter of a mile from the campus of Rio Seco School in Santee, fire officials said.
Children and adults complained of a strong odor at around 9 a.m., after classes began at the K-8 school. When dozens of people began to experience burning eyes, nausea and shortness of breath, school officials notified parents and called San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputies and Heartland Fire, according to district officials.
Students were told to shelter in place as crews worked to identify the source of a bleach-like smell.
Seventy-seven children and four adults were treated on scene at triage tents set up near the athletic field. They were then taken to nearby hospitals as a precaution, according to Santee School District Superintendent Cathy A. Pierce, Ed.D.
Many were transported to a local hospital by school bus. 
Those transported were said to be in good condition, according to Santee Fire Chief Richard Mattick. The superintendent added that one child even returned to school after being discharged.
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