1 Whale, 3 turtles and 1 dolphin washed up dead on beaches in Greater Vitoria, Brazil

The humpback whale cub was found in Old Town – Photo: CTA
A humpback whale cub was found dead by locals on the morning of Thursday (15) in Interlagos neighborhood of Vila Velha. According to coordinator of information Specialized Center in Rescue and Treatment of Marine Animals (CTA), Bruno Berger, Animal death may have been caused by malnutrition.
According to the director of the Institute Orca, Lupércio Araújo, the puppy is a newborn female, who also has cord remains. For the director, the animal may have lost the mother. The cub, which is 5 meters long and until late morning on Thursday, had not been removed from the site.
In the beach Camburi in Victoria, three turtles were found dead Animals, who were bound in chains, were rescued lifeless by a kayaking class.
According to the professor of Hawaiian school of canoeing VAA, Claudiomar Ant, the animals were found around 06 hours on Thursday (16).
This is not the first time the canoeing team finds dead animals. According to the professor, fishing nets are placed at strategic points, where animals often feed.
Claudiomar believes that turtles drowned because they were attached to fishing nets and could not come up for air. The canoeing team took the animals to the beach and asked for help.
And in Serra, a dolphin was also found dead on the morning of Thursday (16). The animal was in Jacaraípe sand beach and was located by locals. According to information from witnesses, the animal had bitten the fins.
The dolphin was removed from the site by a team.
Courtesy of folhavitoria.com.br

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