21 Dolphins, 11 turtles, 4 sea lions found dead along the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico

Dead dolphin in Isla Altamura
Dead dolphin in Isla Altamura (AFP)
The bodies of 21 dolphins, eleven turtles and four sea lions were located in an island in the northwest of Mexico, which led to the deployment of experts to conduct an investigation, reported Thursday the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa).
The animals were found in the Altamura Island Santa Maria Bay, in the Gulf of California against the state of Sinaloa (northwest), where inspectors, rangers and specialists moved to examine 42 km of coastline, explained a statement from the Profepa.
Experts recavarán information “about this extraordinary event consisting of the stranding of marine organisms 36,” in order to explain the causes, he adds.
They will also discuss the condition, age, health status and presence of trauma or injury in animals, and may perform a necropsy and sampling of tissues and organs.
In August, several tons of dead fish appeared in the Cajititlán lake, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara (west), a phenomenon that also occurred in 2014.
Courtesy of nacion.com

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