40 TONS of dead fish wash ashore ‘due to red tide’ in Tamaulipas, Mexico

At 40 kilometers from the town of La Peca in Soto la Marina, the red tide has left 11 tons of dead fish. Photo: Internet
As of Tuesday, Tamaulipas health authorities reported that the number of dead fish was 14 tonnes. 
This plague, said Flores, 25 tons have been in Matamoros, 11 in the town of La Pesca, in Soto la Marina, and the rest in the coast of San Fernando.
The 40 tons of fish, he said, have been deposited in landfills in order to prevent environmental impact. 
Flores pointed out that the phenomenon arrived in the municipality of Aldama, which still plague species is not recorded, but must present aerosol effect, which causes itching, especially in eyes and throat among the exposed population. 
The Secretary of Health of Tamaulipas, Norberto Garcia Trevino Manzo, said that they are ready for the red tide in southern Tamaulipas. 
Treviño said that until last night no evidence of the phenomenon in the Miramar Playa, Ciudad Madero, you had but do not rule his arrival in this most important tourist destination entity. 
Although the presence of red tide has left damages in the town of La Pesca, and withdrew the two mobile units were to serve the population in case of being affected. 
This action was taken, he said, after two days of settled no need for medical services. 
However, the villagers affected by the phenomenon engaged in fishing receiving food support from the federal government and the state, as well as temporary employment programs.
Courtesy of elmanana.com

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